Extreme Mass Gainer

BodyFirst® Extreme Mass Gainer has been designed to help individuals gain lean muscle mass. It contains high quality calorie and protein sources along with creatine monohydrate, enzymes and vitamins and minerals, thereby providing complete nutrition.

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  • Designed to provide fuel for muscle gain.
  • Contains good ratios of macronutrients to help in gaining (Carbs:Protein = 2.55:1).
  • Powered with creatine for muscles.
  • Boosts overall performance and helps in gaining.
  • Driven by science.
  • Excellent mouth feel, taste and texture.

Enzymes help smoothen
the digestion process
to prevent any form of

Vitamins and Minerals
to provide complete
balanced nutrition.

Provides energy to
the body and prevents
muscle breakdown.

Combined with milk,
it can provide 641 Calories
and 39 g of protein
per serving.

Ingredients that are
sourced internationally
and quality checked.

Unique delivery in
sachet form. Lump
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Most people find it difficult to eat food to meet their calorie and protein requirements in order to have the right body weight and physique. Mass Gainers are designed to be high in calories and proteins to facilitate a gain in the lean muscle mass as well as body weight.

A right combination of macronutrients is important in achieving a good quantity of calories and protein. What is also of utmost importance is the source of these calories. Adding unnecessary high levels of simple sugars that make up the bulk of a mass gainer have usually quite the opposite physiological effect than having a mix of simple and complex carbohydrates. Studying all the available products in the market and keeping steady focus on the goals of consuming a mass gainer, this formulation was developed to bridge the gap.

For a healthy weight gain of 500 g per week, one requires to consume an excess of 3500 Calories in the week. Thus, in a day one has to start consuming an extra of 500 Calories in addition to their normal diet. Two sachets of BodyFirst® Extreme Mass Gainer with milk easily helps you surpass this excess calorie requirement on a daily basis when consumed in addition to the regular diet.

With 3 kg of BodyFirst® Extreme Mass Gainer one can expect a weight gain of upto 3 kg when consumed alongside a healthy diet and activity routine.


Two sachets of 100 g is one serving. Drink ample of water throughout the day.

Each sachet of BodyFirst® Extreme Mass Gainer can be consumed separately through the day between meals for beginners or as pre work (1 sachet 45 mins before exercise and 1 sachet within 30 mins post workout). Alternatively, one serving of 2 sachets can be consumed post exercise to aid in recovery or when one feels hungry, but not as a substitute to meals.


  • Athletes who train rigorously and require higher calorie and protein intake.
  • Those who cannot consume sufficient calories through their diet.
  • People looking at gaining with a well-toned physique and enhanced performance.


There are a few points to keep in mind before you start using a mass gainer. a. Your goal and activity level b. Would you be able to achieve your goal through your diet c. What is the deficit nutrients I would require to meet my end goal If you can answer these questions with the help of a professional, you know where you stand and whether you require to conume a mass gainer.

The combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is the primary point of selection for a mass gainer. Ideally, a 2:1 or 3:1 carb to protein ratio is preferred for muscle sparing action. It is important to get these macronutrients from quality sources rather than an overload of simple carbs or fats.

Yes, you can consume the mass gainer with milk. It helps increase the calorie intake of the meal.

It can be consumed between meals, an hour and a half prior to one’s wokout or immediately post workout.

Mass gainer can be consumed as per your goal. A minimum of one month of intake of mass gainer is required to notice the difference.

Please consult your healthcare professional before taking any supplement if you are on medication.

A combination of diet and exercise along with the supplement is required to achieve any health goal you have. As for gaining, one requires to consume additional calories compared to what is currently being consumed, the supplement is required to be consumed in addition to the diet. Exercise will help ensuring that muscle gain is enhanced.

With the right diet, supplementation and exercise, you can easily gain upto 3 kgs in a month.

This should be taken in the bulking to help you achieve your target before you start focusing on increasing cuts and a higher protein intake.

Ensure having sufficient water throughout the day (atleast 3 litres) to flush out toxins from the body’s metabolic processes.

BodyFirst® Extreme Mass Gainer contains a mix of complex and simple sugars. Sugar content in our product is just 1 tsp in 100 g. Maltodextrin and dextrose are complex carbohydrates that provide a quick source of energy. Oats flour and sweet potato flour help to maintain a more continuous supply of energy.

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