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My Strips - Iron with Microencapsulated Iron from AB-Fortis

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Low iron levels are common and can cause unpleasant symptoms such as f...Read more

Supports Formation of Red Blood Cells

Iron helps form and oxygenate our blood cells and haemoglobin. One of the most important functions of iron is in heme synthesis, which forms haemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells.

Highly Bioavailable Iron

The iron available in the BodyFirst® My Strips Iron is microencapsulated which is highly bioavailable to the extent it gets absorbed for the normal body functions.

Boosts Immunity

Iron is essential for the immune system, and the body carefully regulates iron stores. Non-specific immunity, your body's first line of defence against pathogens, is weakened by a lack of iron. A healthy iron intake aids the proper functioning of your immune system.

Microencapsulated Iron

Microencapsulated Iron- from AB-Fortis® which has higher bioavailability, no metallic aftertaste and absence of gastrointestinal side effects

Vitamin B

helps form red blood cells and is critical for the development and function of those cells. It promotes healthy hair, skin, nails and bones, and it keeps your heart healthy.

Vitamin B5

is essential to the creation of red blood cells

Vitamin B6

helps produce haemoglobin, which the body uses to carry oxygen (in red blood cells) throughout your entire body

Vitamin B2

is a component of coenzymes that are involved in cell growth, red blood cell production, energy production, and the breakdown of fats, steroids, and medications.

Vitamin B1

is required for glucose metabolism and energy production, as well as nerve, muscle, and heart function. It is essential for cell growth and function, but only small amounts are stored in the liver, necessitating a daily intake of thiamine-rich foods. A deficiency can cause a variety of problems in the brain and heart, both of which require a steady supply of energy.

1 strip daily before or after meals.

Females with less levels of iron in the body.

Adults who wants to improve RBC Counts

Individuals Who want healthy immune system.

People who are generally tired and lack energy throughout the day

People who have recently gotten a blood test done which shows low levels of iron

Sold & Marketed ByBodyFirst Wellness Nutrition Private Limited 220, Udyog Bhavan, Sonawala Lane, Goregaon - East, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400063
Manufactured ByAavishkar Oral Strips Pvt. Ltd. No.109/3, IDA Phase 2, Sector 2, Lane 6, Cherlapally, Hyderabad – 500051, INDIA
Country of originINDIA
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