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Anti-slip Yoga Mat, Light Weight With Superior Grip, Anti-Bacterial, Biodegradable Material for Home, Gym & Outdoor Workout, Water-Resistant, Easy to Fold (2 x 6 Feet, 3mm Thickness)

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BodyFirst® Cork Yoga Mat has been created using rubberized cork materi...Read more

No Harsh Chemicals or Toxins

cork is a natural product. It has a cork top layer and a recycled or natural rubber bottom layer. That dual-layer provides a lot of support while also keeping the product as natural as possible. The cork does not need to be chemically finished, and neither does the rubber bottom. This means you won't be breathing in harsh chemicals when in child's pose.

Anti-microbial and Anti-fungal

The cork is an inhospitable environment to dust mites, germs, and fungi because it has a suberin lining that acts as a barrier between the cork and anything wanting to live in the cork. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone with sensitive skin, eczema, or allergies. Cork is rated as a hypo-allergic material so you can practice yoga, do a core workout, or even a barre workout breathing easy.

Easy to Clean

Unlike traditional plastic yoga mats where sweat and dead skin can be trapped in the plastic, cork mats can be wiped clean with just a little water due to the suberin lining on the mat.

No-Slip Grip

With cork, your grip actually improves as you sweat! The cork will absorb a bit of water or sweat, causing friction to build between your hands and the mat, which prevents your hands and feet from slipping in the last downward dog.

Sustainable Material

Cork is the bark of a tree which is removed through a process called stripping which ensures the bark would grow back. Moreover, it is entirely compostable and bio-degradable unlike the plastic yoga mats.

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