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Dt. Kanika Malhotra

She is a Certified Clinical Dietician and a Certified Diabetes Educator.

A Post Graduate from the prestigious Lady Irwin College, Delhi University her career has spanned nearly 13 years across nutrition counseling, diabetes education, digital healthcare, patient support programs, nutraceuticals, and home-healthcare sectors. She also holds a Certification in Diabetes Education from the International Diabetes Federation.

More About Kanika

Kanika Malhotra is a performance-driven Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics expert with nearly 13 years of experience in hospitals and the healthcare domains.

She holds a PG degree in Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition from the prestigious Lady Irwin College (Estd.1932), Delhi University, and a Certification in Diabetes Education from the International Diabetes Federation. Her curiosity in Social Media Marketing and Content writing led her to pursue a professional course in Digital Marketing from IIM Kashipur. Her expertise includes Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases, Sports and Bariatric Nutrition, Nutrition Apps, Patient Engagement & Cancer Care.

Her exceptional clinical expertise coupled with Healthcare marketing tactics enables her not only to lead health projects but also ensures that all deliverables are met as per the timelines, training- retraining, set quality standards & operational procedures. She holds deep experience in Business operations management, Strategy, Implementation and Program Management, Crisis Management, Quality, and process excellence via SOPs, Risk & Stakeholder Management in the healthcare sector.

Previously, she has worked for brands like Max Healthcare, Crossley Remedies, Nutrihealth & Fortis Hospitals in areas of critical care nutrition, implementation of nutrition strategies & and integration of nutrition and brand communications.

She holds a keen interest in delivering Corporate Nutrition talks, motivating, and educating people about healthy lifestyles and good nutrition relevant to present-day scenarios for adults, professionals, and children alike. She is also an active participant in seminars, workshops & CMEs and an avid contributor to leading dailies, publications, and magazines.

Over nearly 13 years of practice and meeting and counseling 1000s of people with various health and life issues, she believes that health is not one straight line and not just confined to the food on our plate but a lot of other factors in our life such as our relationships, career, joy, spirituality, home, and work environment, activity, sleep, stress, etc. So it is very important to see a person as a whole and guide him/ her with all the possible therapies and modes of healing, rather than focusing on just a few symptoms. She integrates all these factors via health coaching to help people understand the root cause of their problem and then work on practical and sustainable solutions to help them eventually become health independent.

She is also actively involved with the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Association of Diabetes Educators (ADE) & Celiac Society Of India (CSI) & Expert Nutrition Advocacy Council (ENAC) When not at work she loves to cook, draw, travel to new places, and spend time with animals around.

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