3 2 Go! Preworkout

BodyFirst® 3 2 Go Pre Workout pumps your body and helps you push your limits for an energized and effective workout session.

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  • Energized workout sessions
  • Caffeine helps enhances focus and stamina
  • Beta alanine helps reduce fatigue
  • L-Taurine reduces oxidative stress
  • L-Citruline kick starts your nitric oxide pump
  • For a power packed performance

Better muscle recovery

Provides rehydration
with electrolytes

Best quality ingredients
at appropriate dosages
for a pre workout

No Added Sugar

Fantastic taste

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3 2 GO!

A figment of imagination supported with researched ingredients and optimized dosages is exactly how we would define BodyFirst® 3 2 Go! Pre Workout. It is created by a team of experts and health enthusiasts to bring to your pocket a supplement that is beneficial, convenient to use and actually works. Sourced only from the best, we are proud of the quality of ingredients used in our product and the formulation that has been developed.

L-Citruline works as a nitric oxide pump to enhance endurance. Nitric oxide works as a vasodilator that improves nutrient supply to muscles.

Beta Alanine plays a significant role in buffering lactic acid. The build-up of lactic acid is associated with fatigue. Thus, beta alanine maintains the pH of muscle cells enhancing one’s ability to improve performance. With increasing the ability to exercise, it can help the body with reducing body fat content and improving lean muscle mass.

L-Taurine counters oxidative stress caused during exercise. Apart from acting as an antioxidant, L-Taurine helps improve glucose tolerance, thereby having an effect on insulin sensitivity. It is also vital for enabling the proper functioning of minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.

Having caffeine before a workout session allows for body to have an extra rush of energy that jolts your metabolism, functioning as a stimulant to increase strength and focus.

Electrolytes act as mediators for cell-to-cell communication. Based on how well your cells communicate to each other, your body will be able to achieve a better output at your workout.


Recommended Usage

Beginners can consume one sachet (7.5 g) a day before workout. After a week, two sachets can be consumed per day. Consume 2-3 litres of water a day.

Do not take in excess of the stated recommended usage. Take a maximum of two sachets (15 g) in a 24 hour period. Start with one serving of 7.5 g (1 sachet), check tolerance. Take another sachet if tolerance is good. Do not take within 4 to 6 hours of bedtime. Please consult your physician if you suffer from heart disorders or blood pressure. Beta alanine may cause a tingling effect called paresthesia. It is a harmless side effects.


  • Any individual who exercises regularly.
  • People who have just started working out and find it difficult to keep up.
  • Individuals who frequently travel but enjoy a good workout session.
  • Those who aim at increasing their strength, focus and build muscle.


Pre Workouts usually contain a blend of ingredients that function as adaptogens that help your body cope with exercise and improve your ability to exercise. BodyFirst® 3 2 Go! Pre Workout has been packed with Caffeine, Beta Alanine, L-Citrulline, L-Taurine and Electrolytes to make workouts more intense.

Depending on your goals and your current ability to exercise, you can decide if you require a pre workout or not. If you wish to stay focused or step up your level of performance, then you can include a pre workout to your schedule.

Pre Workout should be taken 30 minutes before your activity session so that the ingredients can start their action when you start exercising.

It is ideal that you take a snack an hour prior to your workout followed by the pre workout supplement for best results and to prevent a drop in energy post your activity as pre workouts are low or negligible on calories but contain ingredients that elevate your metabolism.

Consume only one sachet to begin with and after a week start with 2 sachets if you are able to tolerate it well. Ensure to drink 3 litres of water daily.

Pre workout can increase your heart rate and is best consumed after taking your treating doctor’s opinion in case you are suffering from a medical condition.

All the ingredients are approved under FSSAI and hence are safe to consume. Beta alanine has been associated with a tingling sensation on the skin but it is a known harmless effect caused by the ingredient. These are generally safe to consume ingredients.

Yes, this product is a vegetarian supplement.

The caffeine content of two sachets or 1 recommended serving is 300 mg which is about the caffeine present in a medium coffee cup.

You will be able to feel a surge in your energy levels on the first day itself. However, it will take a period of 15 days to see improvement in your ability to exercise.

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