100% Whey Protein Blend

BodyFirst® 100% Whey Protein Blend combines the purest source of protein with a form that is closest to its biological form, whey protein isolate, and concentrate. ProHydrolase® Enzyme Technology makes the protein more bioavailable to the body.

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  • A unique blend formula of whey protein concentrate and isolate.
  • Highly researched ProHydrolase® has clinically shown to enhance protein digestion.
  • Quick protein absorption.
  • Fast releasing protein for instant recovery post-workout.

Designed to build
lean muscle mass.

Powdered with the
efficiency of a Hydrolysate.

Uncompromised quality
with superior taste.

Ingredients from only
the best in the industry.

Unique delivery in
sachet form.
Lump Free &
Travel Friendly.







At BodyFirst®, we ensure that each of our formulations is conceptualized and developed around providing maximum benefit to everyone with a par excellent team. Our policy is to sell only what we consume. We take pride in the hours of work we have given to create a product with cutting-edge technology and an added advantage that makes it unique from every other product out there.

Every serving of our product is powered with a super dose of ProHydrolase®, a scientifically studied enzyme complex that has shown to increase protein digestion and absorption as compared to having protein alone. This formulation makes more amino acids available for building muscles and recovery during the critical window before which it is excreted from the body. This exclusive combination allows whey protein to be broken down (hydrolysed) very quickly and efficiently without the use of any chemicals. Now imagine making every gram of your whey protein actually available to your muscles. Isn’t that the whole purpose of buying a protein supplement?

Whey protein is made up of smaller amino acids and also contain all the essential amino acids. The quicker the protein is digested and absorbed as amino acids, the better it is for muscle recovery. When whey protein takes longer or does not break into its smaller amino acids, it can cause indigestion and bloating, especially in those who are sensitive to irritation from these large molecules. ProHydrolase® here acts like the drop of lime that curdles milk and fastens the process of making paneer. It quickens the digestion and increases amino acids by 20% in the bloodstream as compared to taking whey protein alone.


1 Sachet of 32 g per day is one serving of high quality protein for beginners. Drink ample amount of water throughout the day.

You could have it to supplement your breakfast with proteins, as a snack, 45 minutes pre-workout to prevent muscle catabolism or within 30 minutes post workout to aid muscle recovery.


  • Vegetarians who do not meet their daily protein requirements.
  • Those who have very high level of physical activities / strenuous workout.
  • Those who are on a calorie restriction diet and do not meet their protein requirements.
  • Those who are on a calorie restriction diet and do not meet their protein requirements.
  • Non vegetarians who find it difficult to consume large quantities of non-vegetarian sources to meet their requirements.


Hydrolysed whey protein is usually dervied by treating whey protein isolate or concentrate with acids/chemicals that break it down into small amino acids chain. The innovative ProHydrolase® Enzyme Technology breaks down the protein in real-time when you mix it with water without compromising the taste when consumed immediately. Instead of chemicals, enzymes that are naturally present in your body are used in the form of ProHydrolase® that is also scientifically evaluated.

A blend combines the properties of different kinds of protein to provide the best results. BodyFirst® 100% Whey protein combines whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Whey protein concentrate is a fast absorbing protein while whey protein isolate is low on carbs and lactose with 90% protein. Thus, it can be used by both beginners and advanced trainers. It can also be used to meet your daily protein requirements.

If you meet your dietary protein requirements through your food, there is no need to take an additional protein supplement. However, most of us find it difficult either to eat too much protein or our food preferences limit the amount of protein we consume in the diet. In such a case, a supplement can be consumed along with normal diet to ensure that your daily requirements are met.

Check if there are any ingredients in the supplement that you are allergic to on the supplement lable. If you are lactose intolerant, then choose whey protein isolate as the lactose content in it is negligible. Supplements are safe to consume as long as you read their labels carefully and are fully aware of what you are consuming.

While beginners can take 1 sachet a day. Those on an exercise regime must calculate their requirements and also check how much protein they consume through diet. Upto 3 sachets can be consumed by those exercising regularly or as advised by your nutritionist.

Analyse your protein requirements. Verify how much protein you get through your diet and then supplement the rest. Use a supplement that provides you all the information on the label. Look mainly for protein and avoid buying supplements only because they have added BCAAs or if they have higher than the typical amino acid profile of a specific amino acid.

Protein in a specific amount (0.8 to 1 g protein per kg body weight) is required for normal functioning. For building muscles, one has to exercise and consume a higher (1.2 to 2 g protein per kg body weight) protein intake than what is required for just day-to-day functions. While consuming higher protein is good, it is used to build muscle through exercise.

Protein is required by the body for its normal functioning. Every cell of the body contains protein. So it is important to consume a minimal amount of protein for your age, gender, height and weight, keeping your medical conditions in mind. At the same time, it is important to have a good hydration status to help the body metobolize the nutrients.

Enzymes breakdown protein quickly to enable maximum digestion, thereby, preventing protein losses because of undigested protein. Enzymes also ensure a better absorption of the protein by breaking them into smaller amino acids.

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