Tulsi Powder – A Secret Ingredient To Staying In Shape

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The predominant cause of global morbidity and mortality is lifestyle-related chronic diseases. Most of these can be addressed through Ayurveda. Of all the herbs used in Ayurveda, Tulsi is the most potent adaptogen. It is called the “Mother Medicine of Nature,” “The Queen of Herbs,” “An Elixir of Life,” etc. There is mounting evidence of how tulsi can address physical, chemical, metabolic, and psychological ailments. It is also said to protect organs and tissues from industrial pollutants and heavy metals, physical stress, and much more.

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is one of the sacred plants in India. We worship it as a form of Lakshmi – the Hindu goddess of fortune, wealth, and prosperity. Besides, the countless health benefits of Tulsi powder are what make it unique and famous. In ancient Indian times, many people would use different parts of Tulsi, including its seeds, roots, flower, stem, and leaves to treat various ailments, right from cough to cancer. It continues even today.  Tulsi is a tonic for the body, mind, and spirit that offers solutions to many modern-day health problems.

It is Ayurveda’s holistic lifestyle approach for the overall well-being of an individual. It is one of the most healthy and beneficial herbs that one can use in the current times. Today’s sedentary lifestyle, polluted environment, climate change, and excessive use of gadgets have caused us to experience the disconnect with nature. It has given rise to many health issues, the significant one being obesity. For many people, shedding those extra pounds has been one of the most challenging fitness concerns.

But, you need not worry about that anymore! Regular consumption of Tulsi can provide tangible results in your weight loss journey. Our superfood – organic tulsi, is less spoken about when it comes to its benefits of weight loss. Yes, simply chewing a few Tulsi leaves every morning on an empty stomach is known to detox the body and aid in weight loss. It also revs up digestion and helps prevent the body from the potential damage of free radicals.

However, many people do not like the raw taste of chewing Tulsi leaves. That’s where BodyFirst’s organic Tulsi Powder comes into the picture. With our Tulsi powder, you can reap the full benefits of Tulsi without becoming subject to its bitter and astringent taste. BodyFirst® offers the best Tulsi Powder, which is organic, gluten-free, 100% Vegan, and Non-GMO.

How To Consume Tulsi Powder

  • Use it as a seasoning
  • Dilute in water and drink
  • Add it to your delicacies
  • Use it in your tea, etc.

How Does Tulsi Powder Aid In Weight Loss?

Tulsi is known to enhance your metabolism, digestive system and accelerate the fat-burning process. It helps your body absorb essential nutrients from your food, which takes up your health game and keeps your immune system functioning at its best capacity.

Besides, it also promotes the growth of good bacteria in your gut which is essential for proper bowel movements. Its antioxidant properties cleanse your liver of toxins and help balance cholesterol levels. All of these factors are vital in your weight loss journey. Consistent usage of the BodyFirst® Tulsi Powder can show tangible results.

Other benefits of consuming Tulsi

  • Cures gastrointestinal problems
  • Treats kidney stones
  • Maintains dental health
  • Drops stress Levels
  • Cures mouth ulcers
  • Relieves joint pain and much more.

To Sum Up

Indeed, Tulsi is an elixir of life. It is one herb that provides solutions for most modern-day problems. Daily consumption of this adaptogen cures many ailments. It helps in weight loss, relieves physical problems, provides infection protection, boosts detoxification, alleviates toxicant (chemicals, heavy metals & radiation) stress, physical stress, metabolic stress, mental stress, and much more. 

If you are looking for natural remedies to speed up your weight loss journey, wait no more; reach out to BodyFirst’s Tulsi Powder right away. Buy Tulsi powder online at Bodyfirst.in. We also offer a great assortment of fitness and health products to support your healthy lifestyle.

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