Top 5 Health Benefits of Essential Amino Acid Supplements

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After the overwhelming effects of the pandemic on human health, people worldwide are giving importance to a healthy lifestyle. During such a difficult period, a healthy body stands the test of time. But what exactly do you need to do to optimize your body? Where do you start? Well, it is a subjective question as different individuals may have different concerns. But it is always a good idea to strengthen your basics. 

Did you know that when proteins get digested, amino acids are left? Your body uses these acids to repair and grow new muscle fibers. While we all know that protein is the building block of our body, little do we know that amino acids are equally essential building blocks. These components play a vital role in strengthening your body. These are also needed for the regeneration of proteins and the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters.

Amino Acids Simplified

Let us break down the concept of essential amino acids for you. Amino acids are organic compounds composed of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and other side-chain groups. In all, your body requires 20 amino acids to function to its full potential. Though all the 20 amino acids are essential, only nine are essential, i.e., leucine, isoleucine, lysine, histidine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, and valine.

However, these essential amino acids need to be ingested via diet, as your body cannot generate them. Despite your constant efforts to maintain a balanced diet, sometimes you tend to miss out on essential food items, which could cause its deficiency. But the availability of essential amino acids in the form of supplements makes it simple for you.

While there are a lot of companies that offer essential amino acids, there are chances that certain products contain unwanted ingredients that can hamper your fitness endeavors. But wait, you need not sift through an endless number of options available to find the healthiest one; we have the best amino acid supplements in India from BodyFirst®.

It is allergen-free, sugar-free, and a Non-GMO product. It is an ultimate fusion of energy and flavor and provides all the essential amino acids required for muscle recovery, energy production, and to prevent muscle soreness. This supplement comes in three irresistible flavors, i.e., Green Apple, Cola, and Watermelon, to take your workout sessions a notch higher. You can buy essential amino acids online at

Benefits of Essential Amino Acids

1) Enhances Muscle Function

The BodyFirst® supplement provides your body with an optimum level of essential amino acids to develop and strengthen your muscle. It increases the nitrogen supply to your body, thereby benefiting your body with a better muscle repair capability, increasing muscle protein synthesis, reducing soreness occurring after exercise, etc.

2) Improves Sports Performance

Consuming essential amino acids supplements pre-and post-workout helps muscle growth. It also prevents the effects of overtraining and mental fatigue that may happen at times.

3) Anti-Aging Benefits

The benefits of essential amino acids are not limited to athletic performance and advantages; it also helps pause the anti-aging effects. Consuming these supplements prevents the natural loss of muscle in elderly individuals. You will be seeing faster results when you take these supplements in conjunction with resistance training or any other kind of exercise. It then assists in maintaining the gains for improved strength and stability.

4) Supports Immune System

The three essential amino acids Histidine, threonine, and Lysine are known to boost the immune system and fight off the viruses more effectively than those who lack these constituents in their body.

5) This Is Your Formula for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

Did you know that lysine helps in collagen production? Yes, the type of protein that owns is responsible for spotless skin and luscious hair. The BodyFirst® Essential amino acids supplement a rich source of lysine – for collagen production and threonine – for collagen and elastin production.

So when are you grabbing your magic supplement? We suggest you consult your nutritionist or a healthcare professional to analyze your diet and tweak it before introducing essential amino acids supplements.

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