Three Essential Pre-Workout Nutritional Supplements for Best Post-Workout Results

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A great workout routine usually begins much before you actually get into your gym shorts and break a leg. When it comes to your pre-workout preparation, just like everything else, a poor prep leads to an equally poor workout session. It often leads to thoroughly boring and uninspired workout sessions which can also cause injury.

It is important to have a great pre-workout routine to ensure you make the most out of your workout. Let us look at 3 of the best practices before your workout that will ensures you have an intense and pumped up workout.

BodyFirst® knows the importance of a good pre-workout regime and hence brings you a fine collection of pre-workout supplements that you can choose from.

      1.  Make the Most of your Exercise with BodyFirst® Pre-Workout

BodyFirst® 3 2 Go Caffeinated Pre-Workout powder has L-Citruline, Caffeine, L-Taurine and Beta Alanine as its key ingredients. These ingredients are present at their most effective dosages. They help you perform highly energised workout sessions and delay fatigue. The inclusion of caffeine makes this pre-workout highly effective to improve focus and stamina.

Beta Alanine reduces fatigue and provides an extra mileage to push your workout regime to the next level. Additionally, L-Taurine acts as an antioxidant while L-Citruline serves as a nitric oxide pump. Both of these help improve nutrient supply to muscles, enabling them to work better and reducing the time for recovery. This product can be taken 15 to 30 minutes before your activity session.

So meticulously formulated, each serving of this pre-workout protein will pump you up sufficiently and slay your workouts completely.

      2.  One-of-a-kind Whey Protein with ProHydrolase®

Another supplement that makes for a powerful pre-workout essential and a complete nutrition pack as well as immunity booster is BodyFirst® Whey Protein with ProHydrolase®. If you have Blood Pressure or are on medications related to any conditions of the heart that contradict the usage of pre-workout, you can opt for this product. It is designed to be light on the stomach because of the scientifically proven benefit of ProHydrolase® that makes it equivalent to Hydrolysate.  With better protein absorption and 20% more amino acids in your blood, your muscle will be spared from breakdown during exercise. This supplement can be take an hour prior to your workout to fuel your system adequately.

With such benefits, this whey protein powder makes for your perfect pre-workout companion.

      3.   My Crunch Bar

If you cannot have a proper pre-workout nutritious snack, then My Crunch is the right choice for you.  Rich in protein and fibre, this bar contributes all the essential nutrients to your body required for an impactful workout session.

To its advantage, there is no added sugar to this product but still makes for a tasty and sweet snack. It provides complete balanced nutrition and gears you up with the energy required to exercise. My Crunch Bar is the ultimate nutrition protein bar of choice for pre-workout nutrition.

These nutritional supplements are readily available in the online store. Designed and formulated meticulously by the experts, these supplements make for some of the most essential supplements that you can bank on before a workout session. 

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