What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or see whey protein? Many people associate whey protein with only building muscles. But is that all? Whey protein has more to it than meets the eye. Let us look at some of the less famous benefits of whey protein.

i. Even research backs whey protein for its use in weight reduction. By suppressing ghrelin (the hunger hormone), whey protein helps in weight reduction. It has been found to have a positive change in body composition when regulated with dietary requirements.

ii. It was found that patients with Type 2 Diabetes benefited with a single serving (21 g) of whey protein twice a day, before breakfast and before dinner. This routine was particularly beneficial in individuals with a lower Body Mass Index.

iii. Protein helps spare muscles breakdown by providing energy. It is suggested that one should consume a minimum of 10 g of good quality protein powder in every meal to prevent muscle breakdown and initiate muscle synthesis process.

iv. Inflammation is a risk factor for many health issues. There is some evidence that consumption of whey protein helps lowering the levels of inflammation, which is measured by testing for C-reactive protein.

v. An antioxidant called glutathione is formed in the body on consumption of different amino acids. Whey protein, which has the essential amino acids, helps in the production of glutathione that reduces oxidative stress and also strengthens the body’s antioxidant reserve.

As the number of studies on whey protein consumption increase, we will have much more evidence-based data to understand in depth the benefits of consuming products with whey protein supplements.

With these and many more added benefits come the Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Blend of Isolate and Concentrate as well as Whey Protein Concentrate supplements that can be harnessed when consumed in the right quantity along with a balanced diet. In todays’ day and age, we have numerous brands in the supplement industry, including Indian Whey Protein brands only because with time the need for these supplements has been realized and their effects have benefited many. While some consume protein powder for lean muscle development, others may just consume it to reach their daily requirement of protein.

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