Today, the entire meaning and importance of the word ‘travel’ has undergone a significant transformation. Everyone loves to travel – solo or group. Every second you see on your Instagram is someone exploring a native street or breathing on top of the mountains. And why not? Nothing beats the happiness of breathing in the fresh air of a new place.

One of the most important things to consider while travelling is always travelling light. Try to keep your luggage as minimum as possible so that you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on it constantly and walk around hassle-free. Just keep these things handy while you’re on a trip for a safe and comfortable journey.


Medical Kit

For all the sudden tripping and sickness, you don’t want to take a risk. Keep a first-aid box or a medical kit handy for emergency situations. Carry some basics like crocin, electral powder, cotton, dettol in your journey and keep yourself equipped to face any uncertainties.

A Book

For all the long flight, bus or cab journeys, reading a book proves to be the most productive and peaceful activity. Where else would you get so much time in your busy urban life?

Bodyfirst Whey Sachets

So what if you have a long travel period and less space in your luggage? You can still keep up with your protein intake with the help of our travel-friendly sachets. Our sachets are as light and as compact as your pockets. We understand your worry of carrying the whole protein container and hence we’ve got you exact dosage Whey Protein sachets. Travel light. Travel healthy with Bodyfirst.

Lots of change (money)

You’ll need the coins and change to pay the local transportation, shopping and other on-the-go petty purchases. So always keep the change ready.

Water Bottle

You cannot travel without a bottle of fresh and clean water wherever you go. Keeping yourself hydrated is of utmost importance. Carry a small stylish bottle, if you cannot fit in a big one.


Whether you’re going to a chilling cold place or heading to get a sun tan, a scarf comes to the rescue at every destination. It also brings about a style statement in your travel outfits.


This proves to be a boon, if you’re travelling solo or on trips involving long flight, bus or cab rides. Let the music add to your best travel mood and make it even better.

Portable chargers

It’s good to disconnect sometimes but it’s important to be connected with your friends and family when you are going on off beat places. Carry your portable chargers so that you don’t run out of battery when in transit and keep your closed one informed about your whereabouts.

Energy Bars

For all your exciting and filled with adrenaline camping and hiking trips, don’t forget to carry a protein or energy bars. They’re not just energy boosters, but keeps your immunity strong and going. Also, we cannot wait to launch our Protein Bars and get you some tasteful health.

Now, that we’ve got our bags packed, where do we head?