Haven’t we all tried our best to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water daily? But what happens then? We start with sky-rocketing enthusiasm but it eventually fades away, right?

What if we told you there’s a beverage which pumps up your performance, enhances your hustle, curbs down headaches and aids in weight loss along with nourishing your body with loads of vitamins, minerals and various other nutrients. Sounds too good to be true – right? Well, it’s none other than water – also it’s not!

We are all aware of the scientifically proven fact that drinking more water is one of the most essential habits to stay fit and healthy. But we know even your taste buds need some break and motivation, right?

So, we’ve got you 6 healthy water alternatives that are easily accessible and also your health would be thankful to you for adopting them in your daily lives.


Coconut Water

If you’re looking for alternatives to water, especially in summer season, get that 8-ounce of coconut water straight from the shell and quench your thirst with a little sweetness. Avoid the packaged ones because you definitely don’t want to consume extra calories from the sweeteners in the name of a healthy beverage.


Low in calories and with some protein, buttermilk stands as a perfect filler in between meals while ensuring that you stay hydrated. It is both easily available and convenient to consume. When buying a ready-to-drink pack, keep a check on the sodium content (should not exceed 120 mg per serving).

Vegetable Soup

It’s always good to get some vegetables in your daily diet. By hopping onto vegetables soups from your regular water, you don’t consume water but it’s a great and low-calorie way to get those extra veggies.


Did you know 92% of watermelon is water? Oh Yes!

It not just quenches your thirst but replenishes your body fluids. So why drink boring ordinary water when you can get heaps of Vitamin A and C with this juicy fruit? Cut it into slices and consume two to three pieces. It wouldn’t disappoint you in any form.

Green Tea

With the kind of amazing benefits this tea brings to your body, it’s a total steal.

From reducing blood pressure to sinusitis, this divine tea can do wonders. And if you got a sweet tooth, 1-2 tablespoons of honey and there you are! Ready with an appetizing healthy drink!

Home-Made Infused Water

Ever noticed people carrying water in a bottle filled with mint, lemon or cucumber slices and fancied it much? Well, that’s home-made infused water for you!

Infused water also called as spa water, consists of water filled with added herbs, vegetables or fruits. With a pitcher of cold water with natural flavours and anti-oxidants in it, would you still need more reasons to sip this one?


And one of the healthiest beverage (not exactly an alternative to water) is protein shake. Undoubtedly, consuming protein and its related health supplement (after consulting your doctor) would bring your health closer to a world full of goodness and fitness. Achieve enhanced stamina, muscle strength, digestion, immunity and various other health benefits with the best protein supplements/shakes.

Given these options, doesn’t mean you completely skip drinking water. You can just keep this list handy when you want to delight your taste buds and take a small-break from plain water. Make the most of it by adding it to your rock-solid diet and flaunt its good-looking results.