Glanbia Nutritionals is a famous name in the protein industry. With their presence in 34 countries and a wide range of products, they have products for healthy lifestyle, sports nutrition, higher protein diets, convenient and functional foods. Glanbia stands tall in the second position worldwide for its whey protein isolate and among the top 5 for whey protein concentrate.

They are a primer brand that associates only with the best in the field and we are proud to be sourcing our ingredients from them. Very few Indian companies get a chance to associate with Glanbia Nutritionals. However, as our parent company S. A. Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. has been in the food and nutraceutical industry for more than 25 years, we are a much trusted company. In our endeavor to be the best Indian Whey Protein Brand, we join hands with only the best.

Some of the common brands that use Glanbia products in their Whey Protein Isolate, other Whey Protein Supplements and many other finished products are given below. We are sure some of the names would sound familiar.

Over the years, Glanbia has always developed variants of protein products that are easy to digest, stable to temperature variations and easy to blend with other products.

The products and the technology used at Glanbia are of the highest standards and the quality of our finished products are a proof of it.