We’ve all grown up with tons of dos and don’ts, beliefs and self-stated facts about food, its health benefits and the like. Don’t eat after 6pm, eat more veggies, drink fruit juice for your breakfast – we’ve been told plenty of half-truths and straight up lies throughout our lives about the foods we eat, the way we cook it and it harms or benefits to our body.

Let’s read about the various myths about food and break them one by one.


Fresh > Frozen

Haven’t we all grown up with the belief that frozen food isn’t as nutritional as the one bought straight from the market? Frozen food is actually one of most optimal unless your vegetables or meat is coming straight from the farms to your table. But guess, that’s not the case. Foods typically lose their high volume of nutrients in 3 days post their harvest. Consider all the travel time and weather variables your food goes through depleting its nutritional value before it reaches the grocery market.

Usually, frozen foods are frozen directly after their harvest, locking their nutritional benefits until it’s unlocked for consumption. Additionally, it doesn’t get spoilt as quickly as the fresh ones, so you know, you aren’t emptying your pockets for nothing.

Raw Veggies > Cooked Veggies

We aren’t new to the vegetable juice diet fad because drinking your vegetables is healthier than drinking your fruits, right? It’s believed that vegetable juices consist of beneficial enzymes when they’re freshly cut or squeezed, whereas these minerals are drained out when vegetables are cooked above 118 degrees.

What people aren’t aware of is that our body already makes sufficient amount of these enzymes on its own, making those extra ones we get from veggies less relevant. Vegetables are also full of various other vitamins and minerals which can never get depleted irrespective of its cooking temperature.

Flavored Yogurt is a healthy choice

Yogurt is one of the healthy foods, but flavored yogurt is loaded with unnecessary sugar that outweighs the amount of Probiotics it has. Even if you choose the fat-free or sugar-free ones, the fabricated flavorings will at the end of the day make you binge more.

Just got for plain yogurt and add your favorite fruit to it. You get the health benefits without compromising on the flavor aspect.

Eating after 7p.m leads to weight gain

We’ve all been a victim of those irresistible midnight ice-cream and pizza cravings, isn’t it?

They say eating post 7pm isn’t healthy. However, eating post 7 is not the worry; it’s the overeating that causes all the trouble. You feel hungry late night due to lack of eating properly throughout during the day. You feel hungry and tend to overeat at night if you haven’t nourished yourself well during the day.

Such late night overeating may lead to weight gain. But, if you eat just about the right amount, it’s absolutely fine to eat post 7pm.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

From our grandparents to our parents, our older generations have been in favor of having a wholesome breakfast as the first meal of the day. But, the ones who skip breakfasts are as healthy as the one who have. Brunch or lunch has now become the first meal of the day amidst the millennial.

What you eat in the first meal of the day actually matters instead of the time of your first meal. A protein rich meal is likely to keep you satiated for a longer time, and this would be helpful if you’re trying to lose weight. If you eat high sugary cereals or cakes, it’s advisable you skip breakfast rather, because all the sugar in those foods can lead to increase in your blood sugar level and insulin. Increased insulin leads to more fat storage and this might be terrifying if you are trying to shed those extra kilos.

At the same time, if you are starting your day with just a cup of coffee, that’s fine too.

100% Fresh Fruit Juice is Healthy

Eating a whole apple gives you 3.3 grams of fiber compared to apple juice with just 0.2gms of fiber. By consuming fruits in the juice form you also take in the additional sugar which is formed in just one drink which is easily more than daily recommended intake level.

Would you still choose a fruit juice over a whole fruit which not just takes more efforts but brings in more sugar in your system and increase your appetite (making you eat more)?

While these are some of the many health food myths existing, we would love to know if you have more to add to the list. And for any health consultation, advice or visit, our health expert is just a call away - +91-8291297223.