Summers have stepped in. If you are one of those who enjoy their workout sessions outdoor, it’s time to jump indoors. And it can still be as fun and energetic as outdoors with a little music and company to pump you up. Don’t let the heat stroke take over your energy and ruin your daily workout.

We’ve got you 6 interesting indoor workouts to help you stay fit without getting sun burned.



If you love dancing, you’re definitely going to love Zumba. One session of Zumba can lead to 900 calories draining straight down from your body. When at home, put on an exercise video and follow the instructor. If you have a gym membership, you can enjoy it with your gym friends and dance your heart out on some peppy beats. When a workout can be so much fun indoors, who cares if its summers or winters?

Indoor Cycling

If you want to cycle but not in this heat, then get yourself a stationary bike or cycle. Head to your gym and do it in the comfort of your indoor space. Cycling strengthens the muscles in your calves, thighs and legs, making you feel stronger and healthier. Pedal as much as you like and keep losing more and more calories.


Here’s the best way to ease out on your tensions and stress. Frustrated with work or home and need something to punch out your emotions? Boxing could help you, making you feel lighter.

Boxing is a great sport for women as well. It burns fat and calories in a superfast speed and works on your entire body to improve your overall fitness. Simultaneously you learn self-defense and feel confident to kick someone with a powerful punch when the need arises.


There’s nothing as good as yoga to calm your mind, body and soul. From breathing to stretching, Yoga can heal almost every mental and physical illness or pain to a great extent. Put on some soothing music or religious chants, spread on your yoga mat and get started. It not just makes you physically stronger, but enhances your concentration power, focus and productivity.

Tread Mill

Love to run but this summer sun isn’t letting you? Run indoors. Running on a treadmill has innumerable benefits being right within your comfort zone. And the best part about this workout is you can still enjoy your TV, Music or Reading time while jogging on the treadmill. Who needs to go out when the indoors got so much fun?


Calisthenics is the new trend which people are getting addicted to not just because of popularity but it also helps you realize your potential and what your body can achieve when you challenge yourself with just your body weight. It makes several muscles work together at the same time naturally. This avoids putting unnatural pressure on your joints and prevents exerting or injuries of any one definite muscle.


These are some of the many indoor exercises you can start with to beat the summer heat. Please feel free to add more ideas in this list. And whether you are working indoors or out, don’t forget to keep your Protein intake steady and stay hydrated.