Most protein powders are a complete source of protein that help vegetarians, vegans and even serious athletes get essential nutrients for their body. Many of the plain unflavoured versions in the market aren’t very appealing to the taste buds. Most of the people find them utterly distasteful as well. And some think they aren’t palatable in the raw way they're sold. The fact of the matter is that they are the most authentic source of protein and they can be made consumable when had them with secondary ingredients.

BodyFirst has one of the finest unflavoured whey protein concentrate and plant protein powder in the market today. Although they might not be palatable to many, these supplements can be made interesting by using them effectively with other healthy ingredients.

Below are some interesting ways to include the whey protein and plant protein in your diet:

          1.     Spice up your proteins

One of the most sure-shot at making your protein tasteful is by adding dried up spices to jazz up the taste. You can sprinkle in some cinnamon and nutmeg in the whey protein before stirring it. For people with sweet tooth, they can try adding cloves, apple pie spice or pumpkin spice that sweetens the taste completely.

You can also try adding curry powder to the protein drink to give it a nice spicy tang. However, a lot of people prefer to mix up plant protein with dal. This gives you a much richer protein intake.

          2.     Include Fruits and Veggies

Another alternative to this is that of mixing the whey protein powder or plant protein powder with 100 percent fruit juice. Using pure orange or grape juice instead of water to mix the powder can help you in two ways by making it rich in taste as well as in nutrition.

If you are somewhat a purist, you can try preparing plain protein whey protein powder with water and add squeezed lime juice or even fresh oranges and grapefruits would do.

Along with fruits and veggies, you can also enrich your roti flour with plant protein and enhance the protein intake considerably.

You can also making smoothies with curd, fruits and seeds. Add some plant protein to it and you will give your nutrition intake a wild makeover.

From dal and curry to smoothies, you can literally boost the protein concentration of any food with plant protein.

          3.     Chocolate Milk Alternative

You can also try mixing the plant protein or whey protein powder with chocolate milk and change the bland flavor of the powder completely. Further, you can add calcium to your drink as well. The texture of the drunk depends clearly on how much protein powder you use. It looks very much like a milkshake without all the sugar and calories. You can also consider other Milk alternatives such as almond, soy, rice or hemp milk, as additional options.

These are some of the interesting ways to make your protein supplements highly tasteful and nutritious. BodyFirst has been at the forefront of the fitness industry for quite a long time and they know what is right for you. They house the best whey protein in India and some of the finest plant protein powder.  By incorporating them in the ways mentioned above you can really give your fitness game an extra mile it deserves.