As we are now getting used to the life in the time of coronavirus it is important that we become mindful about our health.

We have observed that people with poor immunity such as old citizens are severely inflicted by the coronavirus. Hence, a direct link between the two has been established making it highly imperative to boost our immunity system.

While scientists and doctors continue to work on the vaccines, some experts suggest that a holistic approach is necessary to fight coronavirus much efficiently. This makes it important to maintain good mental as well as physical health condition.

Hence, as we are withdrawing extensive travelling it is also essential to care of what we eat. We must ensure that we include excess of protein and other vital vitamins in our diet to boost the immunity.

For this, BodyFirst brings to you finely designed products that will help you maintain excellent overall health and boost your immunity. Thorough research and clinical testing have been invested behind these products to maintain a fine balance between traditional ayurvedic knowledge and modern science.

Let us look at the products and understand how they will help you fight coronavirus effectively:

        1.   Ashwagandha Supplements

Ashwagandha is considered to be one of the most essential herbs in Ayurveda because of its broad range of health benefits. Doctors and psychiatrists suggest the inclusion of Ashwagandha in diet because of its highly therapeutic benefits.

BodyFirst brings to you one of a kind Ashwagandha Capsules that help you maintain fine mental as well as physical health. Mainly, it operates as an antioxidant by counteracting against the free radicals in our body that damage our cells. Additionally, it also functions as an immune-modulator by boosting our immunity system.

It can regulate the psychological processes by controlling stress and anxiety levels. Furthermore, it also boosts muscle strength and recovery, thereby boosting the immunity system as well helping you maintain good holistic health.  

So, buy KSM – 66 Ashwagandha capsule to maintain a well-balanced mental as well as physical health which will ultimately boost your immunity system.

         2.   Whey Protein

BodyFirst has implemented one of a kind Prohydrolase Enzyme technology in their standout product – Whey Protein. The amino acid that is responsible for boosting the immunity system is an essential part of Whey Protein. The enzyme technology facilitates easy digestion helping you fasten the process of muscle development at the same time reducing muscle soreness.

By introducing more amino acids in your blood, this prohydrolased whey Protein will boost your capability of protein absorption and boosts your muscle recovery. This will improve your immunity system and enhance your overall physical health.

Furthermore, the combination of Whey Protein and probiotics live bacteria is lethal. They help you in following ways:

        - Facilitates food digestion

        - Stops undesireable microorganisms from growing

        - Boosts the immunity system

        - Allows Vitamin production

You can buy Whey Protein sachets and supplement your breakfast with high protein intake and improve your immunity system.

        3.   Astaxanthin

Our hectic lifestyle pattern, polluted environment even exposure to UV radiation has caused an imbalance in our mental and physical health. Because of this our body’s ability to heal itself goes for a toss. This is where Astaxanthin comes into the picture.

Astaxanthin is a natural antioxidant that prevents the body cells from getting oxidized. As per the research, some of the scientist’ claim that some antioxidants are at times attacked some hostile agents that convert them into oxidants which increases stress.

However, astaxanthin is considered to be the purest form of antioxidant. Unlike other antioxidants that lose their strength due to extreme stress, Astaxanthin on the other side is a pure antioxidant which retains its antioxidant properties and improves the muscle function and enhances the blood flow thereby reducing anxiety and stress levels considerably.

BodyFirst comes with astaxanthin capsules that are far stronger than Vitamin C and E. Buy astaxanthin supplements and include them in your diet. This will increase the vitamin intake which will boost your immunity considerably.