Mornings are important. A bad start can ruin your entire day and affect your productivity everywhere you go or in everything you do. Hence, having a constructive and healthy morning helps you to handle even the most awful day with calm and positivity.

And what has to be done for this? How should we treat our mornings so that the latter part of the day treats us nicely?

It’s simple. Follow a routine. And we bet this routine will never be boring, because it’s going to bring you good health, happiness, refreshed brain cells with the zeal to have the best productive day possible.


A Glass of Water

Drinking 500ml of water the first thing in the morning (before brushing and on an empty stomach) is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Water enhances you metabolism, flushes out all the toxins, hydrates you and stimulates your brain cells.

If you find it difficult to drink 500ml water in one go, go slow. Try with one glass and gradually increase it every week till you reach the target of 500ml per morning.

Thank God

There’s nothing better than thanking god for blessing you with this beautiful life and well-being. Indulging in morning prayers not only helps you feel at peace but also makes you a humble and thankful person.

Fill your hearts, mind and soul with 5-10min prayer session (and if you aren’t a believer, just thank the universe for giving you another day and chance to fulfill your dreams). Pray for others who need it and see how good you feel at the end of it.

A Little Yoga

Yoga in the morning is wonderful. After 8-9 hours of sleep, our body and mind are fresh and affectionate to adapt to movements and ideas. Morning stretching and workouts prevent injury and aches throughout the day.

Practicing Yoga in the early morning warms up your digestive system and makes the movement of the nutrients easy across the body, metabolizing your carbs and fats quicker. You might have to push yourself for the first one week to get up early and do your yoga, but once the routine sets in, you will realize the difference and its importance.

Have a Date

Dates are healthy. We hope you know which one we’re talking about here!

This is one of the magical fruit filled with innumerable health benefits. Eat them on an empty stomach and you’ll know the secret to a healthy start to your day. Dates are a rich source of Calcium, Vitamin A, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and many more nutrients.

Presence of Potassium in dates enhances the nervous system functionality and improves the brain’s responsive time, making it more quick and alert. It’s also known to have great benefits for your skin.

A Healthy Breakfast

And here comes the last part of your morning – a healthy and rich breakfast. Whether you want to lose, gain or maintain your weight, whether you have low or high appetite, having a proper breakfast is a must. Having breakfast is like fueling your body

after an overnight fast. Yes, that’s where the name comes from, breaking the fast!

Starting your day without a breakfast is like starting a car without petrol in it.

Ensure to have a protein rich breakfast filled with foods like egg, chia seeds or maybe a banana and milk. Research shows a filling and healthy breakfast is good for weight loss, makes you stay energized and has some long term health benefits like reducing obesity, controlling high blood pressure and heart diseases.

So, don’t take your mornings lightly but fill it with enlightenment. Let everything take a step back and let your priorities be set right. Have a good morning every day, because #YourBodyFirst