Summer season brings along sweat, dryness, physical exhaustion and skin problems. Just as each entity has his / her own personality and individual needs, so does every season.

From clothes to food, everything needs to be changed as per the season. There are certain dos and don’ts which you should be taking care in this sun heavy season.

The summer season calls in for some care and precautions for your skin, hair and overall body health. Let’s help you with some of the easy yet effective summer season tips for a healthy you.

Summer season tips

Here are some simple and quick tips for summer that would help you stay healthy and refreshed in these long, lazy and hot months.

Some of the common tips for summer are as follows:

Stay indoors

Sun is at its peak between 12-4pm in the summer season. Hence, try to stay indoors during these peak hours and protect your skin, hair and body from the harmful UV rays.

Avoid outside food

The unhygienic road side food should not be eaten, especially during summers. Even if you are super hungry in the middle of a commute, pick up high protein bars to keep you satiated and healthy.

Avoid excess alcohol and caffeine

All these soda, alcohol and caffeine beverages can leave you dehydrated quickly. Keep your protein shakes handy every time – before, during and after your gym sessions. Water or lime juice are your best and safest go-to hydration options.

Start eating berries

Berries are rich in antioxidants and they help in repairing or preventing tissue damage. It also reduces the risk of age-related health issues. Have them as is or juice it up. They make for a healthy summer food.

Keep your exercising indoors

In summer season, try to follow an indoor workout schedule, especially during the peak sunny hours. Either workout in gym or opt the home bound exercises in summer season.

Practice Meditation

Get into the habit of meditating. It helps in keeping your body and mind calm. Whether it’s in the morning or night before you go to bed, it helps keeping you cool, especially in the summer season.

Though it’s important to stay indoors in summer season, but it’s also the season of hot shorts and drive to your favorite destination. So whenever you are travelling, keep things simple tips in mind:

Summer season travel tips

    1. Sunscreen is important. If you are going for trekking or a day by the beach, keep your sunscreen handy to stay protected from the scorching sun.

    2. Look for the best protein bars in India and fill your backpacks with it to keep you going. Also pack some water watery and citrus fruits like Oranges, Watermelon, Sweet-lime etc. that helps you stay hydrated.

    3. Always go for comfortable cotton clothes. Try to avoid extremely bright, heavy or sticky fabric in this summer season. Stay as easy breezy as possible in summers.

   4. A protein bar or protein bar chocolate is a must no matter what your travel destination is. Carry a water bottle and energy      drink are essential tips for summer travel.