Fitness is no longer a luxury but a necessity, considering the alarming chronic lifestyle disorders we are plagued with! Majority of the masses either follow a strict exercise regime and continue with the same old diet that they would follow or the extremist would starve themselves and not workout. While it is important to flex, it is even more important to ensure that you are supplying your body with the right fuel at the right time and in the correct amount. With BodyFirst ® Products and Programs we wish to bring the best of the nutrition and fitness world.

Let’s look at the 5 basic rules to get started:

Rule #1: Understand where you stand

Assess your BMI or it’s even better to know your body composition. Understand with the help of a specialist what your ideal range of weight/BMI/Body composition is versus where you stand. Weigh the odds of where you are, where you could be and what is stopping you from getting there.

Rule #2: Realistic Goal

Set a long term goal but choose small measureable goals to keep a regular check. For instance, if you wish to lose 5 kg, start by targeting 500g per week.

Rule #3: Choose a path you like to get there

When you make up your mind, half the battle is won. Now focus and strive to get there. The question you need to answer here is how? Choose a path that you like and enjoy. Join a dance class or start a walk. If you do not like activities at all, start by lowering your sugar intake.

Rule #4: Consistency

To reap the benefits of activity or changes in food intake, you have to be consistent. Any individual takes 15 days to a month to form a habit. If within that duration, you have allowed yourself to slip, it is going to be twice as hard to get back on track. Stay focused and follows your routine religiously to make it a part of you.

Rule #5: Stay motivated

Like any journey that you begin, there are bound to be ups and downs. Don’t go too hard on yourself and at the same time, don’t give up. Set a role model, hang out with like-minded people, make fun activities a part of your fitness regime and take rest when required.

As Henry Ford rightly said whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.