We have all seen health supplements especially Whey Proteins packed in big jars and containers. Have you observed the inconvenience behind this jar packaging? Every-time you’re going on a short or long trip, you have to make small packets of your protein dosages in order to squeeze it in your already flooded suitcases.

Not just travel, even in your daily routine, how does one carry such jars to offices or gym?

That’s why BodyFirst brings you the best packaging for your Whey Protein Supplements - Sachets.


Let’s read below the benefits of whey proteins sachets.

Gym Buddy

Gym is for lifting weights, not your protein jar, right? Don’t sweat in carrying your protein containers to the gym or in making space for it in your lockers, just squeeze in these BodyFirst Sachets and get your gym sessions sorted.

Office Companion

How awkward it is to open your protein jar and get a scoop out of it in your office every day? Do away with these struggles. Just carry the sachets in your pockets or laptop bags and enjoy your Whey Protein hassle-free anywhere anytime.

Travel Partner

How can you travel light with a Protein jar? Whether you’re road tripping with a backpack or flying with luxury, carrying a Protein jar is a complete no-no! Sachets are the way to go. Fits anywhere with its compact size.

Doesn’t Spill

Stop wasting your precious Whey Protein by spilling it from the scoop, every time you place the scoop inside the jar to remove it. With sachets, all you have to do is Tear-Pour-Stir-Drink.

No Lumps

Once you open your Protein container or jar, there are chances of lump formation due to moisture. With BodyFirst - Whey proteins sachets, there are absolutely no chances of lumps being formed as every sachet contains an exact dosage – nothing more or nothing less.

Exact dosage

Don’t you even out your dosage by removing the extra powder in the scoop with your fingers? And when that extra removed powder goes back to the container, it takes in moisture along with it or it’s spilled out and gets wasted. Instead, just a tear a BodyFirst Whey Protein sachet and enjoy an exact dose of your whey protein.


How careful are you to wash and dry your hands before putting the scoop in the container? We know it’s difficult to maintain this level of hygiene. And that’s when our sachets come into the picture. Whether your hands are clean or messed up, you don’t have to worry about hygiene with BodyFirst sachet packaging.

We’ve helped you with some good enough reasons to do away with the heavy and inconvenient way of carrying your Protein Supplements. It’s a new year. Time to bring in new convenience and ease – with BodyFirst Sachets!