If you have closely read supplement labels, especially protein supplements, you would find a wide range of protein values on the label. By and large, the general concept is that very high protein content, that is >90%, is possible because the values are represented on dry basis.

So what is dry basis? It is the component of the food product that is left behind after it is completely dried up. Dry basis refers to the content of components in the sample without the water or moisture content. Total Dry Matter Percent = 100% - Moisture Percent

Total Dry Matter Percent considers everything in the sample such as protein, fat, fibre, minerals etc. except water.

Dry Matter basis for a nutrient = As is basis of the sampled nutrient/(Percent Dry Matter/100)

But in day-to-day and actual conditions, we do not consume the food product or supplement without its water content. As is basis is the actual amount of a nutrient present in the sample or product inclusive of the water content. “As is basis” is the actual amount that is available to us on consumption of a supplement or product.

As is basis = lab results of a nutrient in its actual conditions with water


 As is basisDry Basis
Moisture Includes moisture content that dilutes the value. Water is removed from the actual values to provide a figure that is not affected by moisture.
Values Values are lower than dry basis. Values are higher than actual as is basis.
Uses Represents the actual amount of protein when consumed. Can be used to compare products for a specific nutrient at production level.
Misuses Rarely mentioned on product labels as it is a lower value. Used extensively on nutrition labels without a mention to depict higher protein values.

Let us take an example, when a protein supplement states that it is 90% pure protein (dry basis) with a moisture content of 5%, the as is protein content can be calculated using the following formulae:

1.Total Dry Matter Percent = 100% - Moisture Percent = 100% - 5% = 95%
2. As is basis = Dry Matter Basis x (Total Dry Matter Percent/100) = 90 x (95/100) = 85.5%
Thus, the actual or as is protein content in 90% dry basis protein is 85.5%.

It is important to understand these terms and calculations so that you make an informed decision while purchasing a product for your health. We at BodyFirst® encourage you to read your labels and understand them better. All our products display as is value of the protein which is what you get on consuming the product.