The benefits of this under-rated health supplement are unknown to many. Relief from excess bloating, strengthening immune system, and improving gastro-intestinal health are some of the many plus points associated with this supplement. Before we get into the details, let’s learn about L-Glutamine step-by-step.

What is L-Glutamine?

L-glutamine or ‘glutamine’ is an amino acid (one of the non-essential amino acids) – a nutrient which helps synthesize protein in human body. It’s the most abundantly found amino acid in our blood and muscle cells. The non-essential amino acids are produced by the body unlike the essential ones. Under normal conditions, our body can produce sufficient L-glutamine to meet its metabolic needs.

But when the body is not at its best, it might not be able to produce enough and hence additional glutamine would be needed. For example, during extreme workout, glutamine levels go down, implying more of it required by the body. That’s when it becomes necessary to supplement our body with glutamine to keep up with its pace and needs.

What are the most important advantages of L-Glutamine?

Other than being a building block for body proteins, L-glutamine is also one of the major sources of fuel for cells in the small intestine. Maintaining nitrogen balance, preventing the burning of other amino acid for energy and acting as a fuel for the immune cells are some of the major benefits of this critical nutrient.

It has different functions inclusive of maintaining gastrointestinal uprightness, insulin secretion, muscle protein synthesis and neurological activity. L-glutamine provides 35% nitrogen to muscles for protein synthesis. And why is this so important? A high nitrogen level prevents muscle breakdown leading to more muscle retention – resulting in a leaner you.

This doesn’t necessarily entail L-glutamine ‘burns fat’. But the chain of effects is just to inform you that it can add/retain lean muscle tissues.

Can it curb down bloating?

The best and biggest benefit of glutamine is its power to repair/restore the digestive tract. Research and studies have proven that glutamine strongly aids good health of intestinal lining. For people suffering from Celiac disease, IBS or other digestive disorders, their prescription includes glutamine to restore the intestinal lining and bring down troubles like bloating. Glutamine has anabolic as well as immunostimulatory effects – meaning it can assist in proper functioning of your immune system, giving it a boost when needed.

What is the recommended intake?

The recommended daily dose would be around 10g. Depending on your digestion issues/capacity, you can even consume upto 30g per day. You can also add it to your whey protein shakes and BCAA’s.