Protein supplement is one of the most common topics of discussions in gyms. You may come across hundreds of opinions and each of them talks a different tune. If you are still in the nascent stage of body building, you are bound to lose your head and end up believing the one that sounds the most convincing to you!

This is why; this article is an important read for you. We will explore the key aspects of protein supplements to get a clear idea of what is suitable for you. But before, let’s understand what protein is all about.

What is Protein?

Protein is one of the essential macronutrients that our body requires for its growth. It makes up a major structural component of muscles and tissues. This is one of the key reasons why protein is considered as the building blocks of the body. These complex macromolecules constitute 50% or more of the dry weight of living cells. We can safely say that muscle, ligament, cartilage, skin, hair, etc. are chiefly protein material.

So, you can very well understand why health experts stress on inclusion of protein in your diet. Most importantly, for people who work out regularly, protein is of great importance as it helps in muscle building.

In cereal eating population such as that of India, adequate protein consumption can become challenging. Therefore, vegetarians who struggle to meet protein requirements through diet alone lean towards nutritional supplements in order to fulfill their protein requirements.

Different Types Protein Supplements

Protein Nutritional Supplements are available from dairy as well as plant sources in variety of formulations. These supplements help build muscles, improve overall body composition and meet increased protein needs.

So, if we can get protein from a product or natural source, why would one opt for concentrate or isolate protein supplement. Well, the key purpose of the preparation of concentrates and isolates from a protein source is to improve the protein concentration by eliminating the non-protein ingredients from the source. So, in general, there are various forms of protein supplements available such as raw protein, concentrate, isolate, plant protein and hydrolase protein. If you are looking for increasing your protein intake, try one of these products.

  • Raw: Raw protein is protein in its purest form. It is not heat-treated and loaded with many nutrients. Raw protein has a lower percentage of protein. But it preserves the nutritional benefits of protein, such as fats, minerals, fiber, vitamins, and amino acids that are otherwise removed during the process of purification. When the raw protein from any protein source is treated, it is often converted into Concentrate, Isolate, and hydrolase respectively.

  • Concentrate: Protein Concentrates are made by extracting protein from raw protein with the help of heat and acid or by means of enzymes. The concentrates contain somewhere around 60-80% of protein content and the rest of the amount are composed of carbohydrates and fats (20-40%). Whey Protein Concentrate is the perfect example of this type of protein supplement. It is expertly formulated to facilitate optimum protein utilization. It reduces muscle soreness and enhances muscle building and muscle recovery. This is a perfect supplement if you wish to build stronger muscles. One dose of this supplement after you work-out is all you need. This is one of the finest high quality whey protein concentrated.

  • Isolates: When the protein concentrates undergo an additional filtering process to remove carbohydrates and fats, the protein is further isolate. This is the foundation of whey protein isolate supplement.

Protein isolate contains 90-95% of protein. These supplements have lesser concentration of carbohydrates & fats per serving. This makes it a denser source of pure proteins. Of course, it is more expensive than protein concentrates. But, it is absolutely worth every penny you sweat out for it.

ISO-RAW (100% WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE) is one of a kind whey protein in sachets. Rich in protein without any artificial sweeteners, this supplement is a must-have in every serious fitness aficionado’s cabinet.

  • Hydrolysate: Hydrolysates are also called pre-digested proteins broken down by enzymes or acids. The pre-digestion allows amino acids to be absorbed by the muscles and tissues more rapidly than intact proteins and hence it maximizes nutrient delivery to the body. Along with facilitating smoother absorption, Protein hydrolysates are valued for their superior nutritional qualities, including increased bioavailability and reduced antigenicity.
  • Whey Protein Prohydrolase Unflavoured stands as one of the best hydrolased supplement. You get this whey protein in sachets as well, if you wish to make the best out of your workout sessions, then this is the right pick for you.


The choice of protein powder depends completely upon what you are seeking. Your goals and physical activity decides exactly what you need. Either powder you decide it is better to choose the powder available in single-serve sachets to avoid the mistake in dosage and for ease of convenience.