Protein powders are the most popular supplement in the health and fitness industry. After all, it is a chiefly essential macronutrient that builds and repairs your muscles. Protein is at the centre stage as a lot of emphasis is put on building strength nowadays. Your diet is a decent source of protein. However, when it comes to building physique, you need that protein boost. This is where protein supplements come in the picture.

Protein powders are rich source of protein. Today, there are lots of options available when it comes to protein supplements. You can get them in the form of whey protein, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, plant based protein powder, high protein bars and BCCA supplements.

Let us guide you through essential protein supplements that will help you meet higher protein demands.

      1. 100% Whey Protein Blend with ProHydrolase®

Before delving into anything that has Whey written over it, you must know full well what type of physique you want to build. And accordingly you must opt for protein supplements.

Today, there are tons of whey supplements available in the market. However, BodyFirst®  makes the leap with its prohydrolased protein supplement.

Prohydrolase is a scientifically studied enzyme complex that enhances protein digestion and absorption as compared to having protein alone. This formulation makes more amino acids available for building muscles and recovery during that critical window before which it is excreted from the body.

So, without a doubt, this is a much more refined whey protein supplement designed for building lean muscles.

      2. Whey Protein Concentrate

BodyFirst® has invested tremendous amount of time and resources in finding that right formula. Each serving of this Whey Protein Concentrate is charged with prohydrolased that improves protein digestion and helps build stronger muscles.

This supplement is a rich source of all the nine essential amino acids. In order to boost muscle growth, the protein must be first broken into smaller and more consumable fractions.  If this is not achieved then it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort such as bloating and gas.

BodyFirst® Whey Protein Concentrate is powered with prohydrolase that facilitates easy and complete protein absorption.

Additionally, it will boost your workout immensely by reducing muscle soreness.

Available in kesar badam, brownie mint, milk chocolate, and vanilla cream, this one of a kind whey protein sachet does not compromise on nutrition as well as taste.

      3. 100% Vegan Plant Based Protein Powder

Vegetarian and vegans miss out on a lot of essential protein that comes from meat. To make up for that, BodyFirst BodyFirst® devised a protein formula that stems from 3 different sources. By blending edible Legume Seed, brown rice and peas, BodyFirst formulated a rich source of protein. This is one of a kind organic and 100% vegan protein supplement that delivers high protein with each intake.

It can easily be used in daily food such as dal, roti and sabzi to boost the protein level of your food. Devised for people of all age, this supplement helps meet protein requirements and keeps your hunger satisfied.

If you are looking to improve your physique organically or lose weight, then this supplement is perfect for you.

      4. One-of-a-kind Fermented BCCA Supplement

This supplement is formulated using the patented technique of microencapsulation. This process involves coating of the active ingredient small sized capsules. Due to this, the active ingredients reach the gut without causing any harm to the intestines.

The experts at BodyFirst make use of the best technology and precise dosing to create a fine and highly effective formula.

Its regular consumption will help you prevent muscle breakdown and give your workout a further boost by enhancing nitric oxide levels.

This is a definite pick if you have just started with workout routine.

      5. BodyFirst® My Crunch Protein Bar

Being a fitness freak does not mean you deprive yourself of mouth-watering delights. This protein rich snack bar is perfect to curb your health conscious paranoia as well as satisfy your taste buds.

Made up of prebiotic fibre and no sugar, this high protein bar is a rich source of essential nutrients.

My Crunch Protein bar opens you to guilt-free munching.