Earlier, going vegan was all about saving animals. Quite recently, we are seeing people adopting veganism for environmental concerns. At the same time, there are a growing number of people going vegan purely for health reasons.

Several studies attest to significant health benefits of vegan and plant-based diets.

Let us look at 5 ways in which vegan diet helps you improve your holistic health:

      1. Effective Weight loss

It is a fact that a whole food vegan diet can naturally reduce your daily calorie significantly. This is mainly because the diet is rich in fibre and are fulfilling and at the same time pretty less dense in calories.

For example, BodyFirst’s 100% Vegan Plant Based Protein is hugely effective in reducing weight. It’s a rich source of fibre and proteins that boost muscle growth.

Adding vegan plant protein to your daily diet can be of great benefit in losing your weight.

       2. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease and stroke are usually caused due to high levels of bad cholesterol. People following vegan diets extensively are reported to have lower non-HDL cholesterol and higher levels of good HDL cholesterol than non-vegans.

Vegan protein sources are considered to be the most authentic forms of protein and it helps in supplying our body with essential fibre and protein for muscle growth.

       3. Regulate Stress Levels Effectively

Plenty of studies have validated plant based proteins role in improving anxiety, mood and work productivity.

Usually, foods that are rich in fatty acids and arachidonic acid are typically associated with higher depression rates. However, vegan diets on the other hand exhibit lower tendency of instilling depression and other mental fatigues.

       4. Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Vegan Plant Protein helps regulate the blood sugar levels effectively. Usually, when you consume excessive calories, you open yourself to higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

Foods that are high in reds such as processed meat have high levels of heme iron. Heme iron is a pro-oxidant and it triggers inflammation. With more inflammation in your body, your immune system gets affected which directly impacts the cells of your pancreas and liver. This further hampers the insulin activity.

Vegan Plant Based Protein keeps your stomach full for long hours and keeps your blood sugar at check. Regular consumption of BodyFirst® Plant Protein Isolate, 100% Vegan can help you reduce the risk of diabetes. The product BodyFirst® Plant Protein Isolate have been extensively studied by researchers for their effectiveness and safety in scientific research and the data has been well published in reputed scientific journals. 

        5. Prevents From Getting Arthritis

It is a well-known fact that red meat increases risk of developing inflammatory types of arthritis. However, a wholefood vegan plant-based diet helps counteract inflammation effectively.

Therefore, a plant based vegan protein source is hugely important in preventing inflammatory arthritis conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

As seen above, vegan diets help not only improve physical health, but it helps you enhance your holistic health. Right from helping boost weight loss to regulating stress and blood sugar, vegan plant based protein is a must in your daily diet.