Protein supplements are an integral part of bodybuilding. Most of us, at some point in time, have heard about whey protein. Basically, just like what diet of veggies, fibres, meats, and carbs give your body, whey protein contributes to a wide range of protein and nutrition essential for muscle development.

For fitness enthusiasts, Whey Protein is nothing less than life fulfilling elixir. BodyFirst's Whey Protein promises 90% protein fulfilment in each serving. With good quality ingredients and thorough prohydrolased engineering, BodyFirst ensures optimal protein absorption for muscle development.

 Let us look go through the key benefits of Whey Protein:

1. Immunity Booster

High-Quality Whey Protein Isolate is more than just a protein supplement. Experts regard it as one of the top immunity boosting products. We all are well aware that bodybuilding demands high-intensity workouts. Naturally, it introduces nervous and gastric problems due to the depletion of glutathione levels.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that improves our immunity system. BodyFirst understands this well, and therefore, the Whey protein isolate supplement has a formulation that addresses glutathione depletion.

Additionally, the protein powder is a significant contributor of essential amino acids that help boost immunity. Hence, it is a no-brainer why BodyFirst's Whey Protein Isolate is the best supplement to boost the immune system.

2. Boosting Protein Metabolism

A high-intensity workout's significant aspect is to protect muscle breakdown, which usually occurs due to inadequate protein synthesis in the muscles. When the essential protein intakes do not support the increased muscle size, the muscle breakdown is accelerated.

So, this is one of the main reasons why fitness experts highly recommend whey Protein. These supplements build core muscles by getting absorbed into the bloodstream at a faster rate. This is instrumental in boosting protein metabolism.

3. For Effective Hunger Satisfaction

Even though many fitness enthusiasts practice starving for muscle building, it is not advisable by health experts. Hunger pangs are the result of the secretion of ghrelin. This drives our cravings. Studies back the fact that whey protein isolate supplements deeply satisfy hunger pangs.

The body feels such cravings only when there is a lack of protein instead of sugar. Our impulse drives us immediately towards sugar snack in response to it.

If you are sincerely interested in building a fine physique, avoid this at all costs and instead turn your head to delicious whey protein bars such as MyCrunch or opt for your regular protein shakes instead.

4. Complete Fat Loss

Obviously, between fats, flabs, and muscles, most of us would want to shed the former and preserve the latter. The good news is that BodyFirst brings you Whey Protein Concentrate Sachets to reduce your calorie intake. You can now preserve muscles and burn fat at a faster rate by consuming this whey protein.

5. Boost Muscle Mass

This last point directs towards the ultimate goal of bodybuilding or those extra hours you shed at your gym, hoping to gain some muscle mass. By including Whey Protein Sachets in your diet, you eliminate unnecessary fats and introduce pure protein to your body. We must understand that muscle mass is built on the foundation of the generation of lean tissues. Whey protein isolate contributes significantly to the muscle repair that is important for post-workout strains.

Hence, it is best advised to take whey protein isolate supplements an hour before and after workout sessions. This is an excellent option if you are looking to increase your muscle size and thus add vigour and strength to your workouts.


You must note that the average usage of whey protein powder can be calculated by multiplying 0.8 grams to a healthy individual's body weight over 19 years. Further, the use also depends on your fitness goals. But the key is to strike a good balance between your workout routine and whey protein diet. Visit our online store to know more.