Whey Protein is the ideal protein supplement used by fitness enthusiasts and athletes all over the world. Even though it has invited healthy skepticism from doctors worldwide, its groundbreaking evolution in protein processing has silenced all the critics.

Today, it has become synonymous with the vital protein supplement essential for overall health. Before we delve into the health benefits of Whey Protein, let us find out what Whey Protein basically is and how it is made. Based on protein processing, there are three essential types of Whey Protein supplements:

1. Whey Protein Concentrate Supplement

Whey protein concentrate comes, just as a Whey protein isolate supplement, from the cheese-making process. Once extracted from milk, it undergoes several levels of processing until adequate protein concentration is achieved. As the name suggests, this supplement is thoroughly concentrated with nearly 80% of protein. The rest constitutes carbs and fats.

2. Whey Protein Isolate Supplement

This supplement comes from the same source as concentrated whey. After extraction from milk, it undergoes heavy processing to cut down on the levels of fat and lactose. Doctors and fitness experts highly recommend Whey Protein Isolate Supplement to people who face digestion issues.

3. Hydroslated Whey Protein

This protein supplement has the richest concentration of protein. It constitutes nearly 99% of hydroslated pre-digested protein facilitating protein absorption and promoting healthy supplemental digestion. BodyFirst® is one of the first brands to adopt this technology and push it further with their ProHydrolase® whey protein.

They have employed a patented digestive enzyme blend called proteolytic. A Scientific study proves this enzyme to facilitate one of the most effective protein digestions. This is made possible only due to the rapid breaking down of whey protein. We have learned about the three chief types of whey protein supplements let us, deep-dive, into how it benefits our body.

What Are The Key Health Benefits Of Whey Protein Supplements?

1. Promotes Muscle Development

We can very well recall our science teacher vehemently telling us that proteins are the building blocks of our body. Those words are deeply resounding to us today. Whey protein is made up of branched amino acids. These acids lie at the heart of our overall muscle growth and recovery.

Regular supplementation of whey protein isolate provides us with abundant amino acids to facilitate refined lean muscle growth. Fitness experts all over the world advise people to consume whey protein supplement post-workout sessions. This is crucial because post-workout exertion, your muscles need amino acids and proteins critical to development and recovery.

2. Helps You In Weight Shedding

An organization called Nutrients & Metabolism conducted a study on 158 people to understand the impact of whey protein on body weight. Individuals fed with whey protein supplements lost weight effectively.

They concluded that along with muscle development, whey protein is also instrumental in effective weight loss. This is mainly so because whey protein constitutes amino acids and all the nine essential proteins. This wonder supplement condenses all the nutrients we get from fruits and vegetables.

3. Curbs Inflammation Effectively

In the past few years, doctors have become aware of various health benefits of Whey Protein supplements. Its impact on controlling inflammation has been one of the startling discoveries. Chronic inflammation, if untreated, can cause fatal ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, bowel disorders, and arthritis, among others.

C - reactive protein is a crucial contributor to inflammation. And whey protein isolate comes with a low concentration of CRP. Due to its excellent formulation, whey protein exhibits superior potency in reducing blood levels of CRP and thereby curbing inflammation.

4. Helps Control Bad Cholesterol Levels

High levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) can lead to fatal heart diseases. And one of the effective ways to deal with high cholesterol is consuming whey protein supplements. A study was conducted on overweight people a few years ago. They were provided with 54 grams of whey protein per day for 12 weeks at length.

They were astonished to see a significant dip in the cholesterol levels. This opened up a wide range of studies and eventually confirmed Whey Protein as being one of the instrumental nutritional supplements in dealing with LDL cholesterol levels.

The Bottom Line Is

Whey protein supplements have been type-casted as muscle enhancers. However, you need to scrape off the surface to understand the deeper, much more holistic bodily benefits. Of course, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a sincere workout routine. But you cannot go farther ahead with it alone than you can by supplementing your body with top-quality whey protein.

BodyFirst® has been at the forefront of the wellness industry by delivering some of the finest whey proteins in India. We are relentlessly trying to push the boundaries and make whey protein as efficient as we can. Visit BodyFirst® online store to know more about our products.