Ayurvedic literature is dense with medicinal herbs that have tremendous healing properties. Thanks to some nutritional supplements, these herbs have found their way into popular culture in recent years. Some of them are even great immune system boosters. Right from boosting immunity to improving mental health, these herbs have incredible potency.

No doubt BodyFirst® realized there is a great deal of potential in these herbs that is left untapped. Their extensive catalog boasts some great nutritional supplements to boost immune system. These supplements are a perfect blend of modern nutritional elements and herbal ingredients.

This integration results in highly effective supplements to boost the immune system and improve holistic wellbeing. Through this article, we will explore some of these remarkable nutritional supplements and other protein supplements that help boost our immune system. After all, these trying times are teaching us how we dismiss taking care of our immunity system.

1. Ksm-66® Ashwagandha (4x)

Ashwagandha herb can be traced back to ancient ayurvedic times. BodyFirst® brings along the Vedic wisdom of this from a root extract of the ancient ayurvedic herb. This product combines ancient wisdom with modern nutritional elements. This high concentration, the full-spectrum nutritional supplement, is instrumental in improving stress levels. Along with that, it is also helpful for athletes in dealing with oxidative stress and muscle damage.

Regular consumption of these capsules will help you build a more robust immunity system. This one-of-a-kind nutritional supplement plays a crucial role in creating a more robust immunity system. Doctors recommend consuming two capsules (one before lunch and dinner) is sufficient to instill your body with essential nutrients.

2. BodyFirs Whey Protein Isolate

This nutritional supplement is easily one of the best immune system boosters. Its formulation includes flavors, enzymes, probiotics, and whey protein concentrate. Furthermore, BodyFirst® engineers this supplement with prohydrolase technology. This is one of the first prohydrolased whey proteins in India. So, if you are looking for a highly effective nutritional supplement to accompany your workout, this one is right up your alley. Couple it up with protein bars online, and you are gifting yourself some nutritional supplementation.

Its prohydrolased technology enhances digestion and boosts your amino acids by 20% in the bloodstream compared to taking whey protein alone. Regular consumption of one dose a day over a long time can help you build a robust immunity system. Due to its overall capacity to boost your physiological health, this nutritional supplement is regarded, by many health experts, as one of the best whey proteins in India.

3. Glutathione Capsules

Glutathione is one of the frequently recommended herbs when it comes to immunity boosting. It comes from animals and some fungi and can protect important cellular components from getting damaged. It is typically found in plants in Japan. BodyFirst® is one of the first wellness brands to embed its nutritional prowess in immunity system booster supplements. BodyFirst® Glutathione Capsules exhibit great potency in curbing inflammation, facilitating detoxification, and boost glutathione levels in the blood.

With the help of a prolonged fermentation process, these capsules retain the utmost efficacy of glutathione in boosting immunity levels. So, if you are concerned with boosting immunity at the cellular level, these capsules are a must-try!

4. Probiotic Beaded My Straw

This magical straw enhances the flavor of your milk by adding a delicious chocolate flavor. Well, there is more to this supplement than just adding flavor. This probiotic beaded straw facilitates a smoother digestive system and builds strong immunity support. After its launch, it was reported that Probiotic Beaded My Straw is one of the best immune system boosters for children. Children nutritionists increasingly recommend this product to improve the immunity system, overcome digestive discomfort, and puts energy.

This is one of the best immune system boosters for children due to its luscious taste and probiotic formulation. BodyFirst® expended many resources in researching and creating this finely formulated product that successfully balances taste and nutrition.


We have greatly dismissed the importance of a strong immunity system. It took us a pandemic to realize how crucial it is for overall wellbeing. Along with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, you must supplement your body with essential nutrients.

Be it whey protein, protein bars, or Ashwagandha capsules, these are some of the best nutritional supplements to boost your immune system. The abovementioned products are curated in BodyFirst® extensive catalogues. Visit the online store and get to know more about them.