What Are Bcaa (Branched-Chain Amino Acids)

Branched-chain amino acids are vital nutrients. The term branched-chain implies its branched chemical structure. They make up the proteins that muscles burn for energy.

The past decade saw a tremendous rise in nutritional supplements employing BCAA formulation. Today, BCAA supplements are at the forefront of the wellness industry.

Branched-chain amino acids play a crucial role in building muscle tissue protein and boosting muscle metabolism. Athletes and bodybuilders alike consume BCAA supplements to boost the recovery from workouts and improve their athletic performance.

The high nutritional supplementation capacity has earned BCAA supplements a top spot in the fitness industry today.

Let us get a closer look at what makes the BCAA supplement one of the most potent supplements.

Three Key Benefits of BodyFirst® BCAA Supplement

1. Boosts Muscle Recovery

Our BCAA supplement BodyFirst® Vegan 7G BCAA + 4 Citrulline is a one-of-a-kind vegan BCAA supplement that protects muscle breakdown after exercise. Its formulation comprises of BCAAs and Citrulline Malate. These ingredients are instrumental in boosting muscle recovery. Alongside, it protects muscle breakdown, ensuring optimal energy consumption.

2. Enhances Nitric Oxide And Provides Rich Protein

What sets BodyFirst® Vegan BCAA Supplement apart is its composition of citrulline malate. This formulation boosts the nitric oxide levels in your body. No wonder it is a perfect supplement to set you up for a super workout session.

BodyFirst® BCAA supplement is highly recommended to all beginners who get tired quickly. Boost up your stamina and give your workout routine an edge.

Additionally, it is a rich source of protein. People who do not resort to non-vegetarian food will be happy to know that this vegan BCAA Supplement is the most authentic and organic source of rich protein there is in the market.

3. Patented Technique Of Microencapsulation Process

BodyFirst® BCAA Whey Protein supplement employs a patented technique of microencapsulation. We attribute its success to the experts who invested ample time and resources in the research and development of this technique.

This process involves the coating of active ingredients with minuscule capsules. These ingredients reach the core of your gut, effectively enabling smoother absorption. Due to this technique, BodyFirst® Vegan 7G BCAA + 4 Citrulline helps smooth consumption, digestion and absorption of the core proteins.


Amino acid supplements are rapidly evolving the health supplements landscape. BodyFirst® Vegan 7G BCAA + 4 Citrulline has taken this one step forward. Its formulation of some of the best nutrients makes this supplement a rich source of essential nourishment. Its high potency in delivering efficient protein absorption makes this product one of the best BCAA supplements in India.

BodyFirst® BCAA has received Informed Sports Certification which is a unique one indicating the product is free from banned substances.

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