The pandemic has us all left at the mercy of the comfort of our homes. Fitness freaks understand the frustration of not being able to go to gym.  Mighty vexing that it is but we can surely find a way to turn this into a great opportunity to remain fit and achieve our body goals.

By simply planning a work-out routine and balancing it with fine nutritional supplements can have a significant impact on your fitness and over a period of time. Over a period of time, you will see how well your body is shaping up and the thought of going to gym won’t even matter to you anymore. Let us look at some of the best supplements that you must befriend during this lockdown.

1. Enhance The Protein Supply For Finer Physique With Our Expertly Formulated Supplements

All of us have studied in school how proteins are the building blocks of body. However, it is only when we are facing the gym mirror with dumbbells in our hands do we understand the gravity of its significance.

It is obvious that regular supply of adequate protein is essential if you want to build a fine physique. But most of us find ourselves facing a wall when it comes to implement it in our daily lives.

We hear you. That is why; BodyFirst® brings you Whey Protein Isolate Powder. It is one of the rawest protein supplements you will find in the market. It comes without any sweetener or added flavours and supplies nearly 90% of protein in each serving.  Support your work out session with one serving of isolate protein and boost your muscle building and muscle recovery.

Whey Protein Concentrate is another one such supplement that caters to your fitness goals. Backed with prohydrolased technology, this supplement supplies your body with essential amino acids and nutrients.

Furthermore, our catalog also houses one of the most effective plant based protein supplements. Designed carefully by the experts, this protein powder enhances the nutrition value of all your food. Right from chapatti to your favourite sabzi, boost the protein and nutrition value of your food by mixing in some plant based protein to your diet.

And if you miss indulging into sweet and delightful snacks then don’t give in to these temptations.  My Crunch protein bar caters to your health consciousness. Filled with high proteins, prebiotic fibres and no added sugar, this is one of the healthiest and tasteful snack bars in the market.

2. Astaxanthin Capsules For Holistic Well-Being

Exercise is not limited to bodybuilding. Experts claim it to be one of the most relaxing activities one can participate in everyday to improve holistic health. You can combine your workout regime with simple yoga exercises to develop a stronger body and mind.

BodyFirst® invested time and resources in developing a nutritional supplement that caters to holistic health. Astareal Astaxanthin capsules supply your body with carotenoid (it is found in salmon, crabs, and shrimps)

Astaxanthin capsules work on cellular level to protect your body from free radicals. Needless to say, daily consumption of these capsules will improve your immunity, alertness and memory. Along with improving mental faculties, these capsules improve your eye and skin health, boost your energy levels helping you sustain long hours of strenuous workout sessions.

BodyFirst® Astaxanthin Supplement provides your body with vital nutrition to improve your overall mental and physical well-being. It is because of this it is regarded as one of the best health supplements for fitness goals.

3. Boost Your Glutathione With Bodyfirst® Glutathione Capsules

Most of us don’t know what glutathione is. So, let us gather a basic understanding of it. It is a tripeptide that consists of Glycine, Glutamine and cysteine. Yes, these unpronounceable names make up a prolific antioxidant that is structured in each and every cell of our body. However, due to age and poor health the glutathione levels decline gradually. This makes the supplementation of glutathione of paramount importance.

BodyFirst® Glutathione capsules improve your liver health and a perfect antidote for harms caused by oxidation. Naturally, over a period of time your respiratory health and overall defence mechanisms of your body will only improve. These capsules are nothing short of magic pills to improve your immunity. This will help you on the longer run as your delve into developing a stronger overall health.


We at BodyFirst® believe in enhancing holistic health. And the only way to achieve this is to balance your workout routine with healthy habits and right nutritional supplements. We don’t endorse blind dependence on protein powders. That is why; you will find this list curates supplements that cater your well-being in a broader sense. And of course, the results will be evident with improvement of your physique.

If you are locked at home and in need of essential nutrition to back up your workout routine then you have come to the right place. Browse our extensive collection of health supplements for fitness goals and place your order online.