None of us would deny looking at Facebook videos, tips on YouTube and Whatsapp to learn about different ingredients or recipes which will help us shed some weight. Some of us even go the extra mile to try it out and then advice others.

Very often weight loss is associated with a long list of what NOT to eat rather than what should be eaten. Besides, we all have some basic knowledge about how to lose weight but doing it the right way is important to prevent your health from taking a back seat.

Rule #1

You require to make the decision yourself. Others can act as a source of motivation but if you yourself don’t prioritize your health, your body also will not accept the change. Training the mind is half the battle won in your weight loss journey.

Rule #2

Avoid feasting and fasting. Too much of anything is never too good. So strike a balance and a schedule that your body accepts. Feasting would result in excess fuel to your body that gets stored as fat. Not eating anything to compensate for the feasting will cause your body to program itself to save more fat as fuel reserve for your body.

Rule #3

Eat what you like. Food is mostly never good or bad. It is how we process it and how much we consume at what time that makes the difference. Depriving yourself of the food you like leads to cravings and leads to a round of binge eating. So avoid this by eating a little of what you like to keep your happy hormones up and stay motivated.

Rule #4

Drink plenty of water. Your body is 70% water. More than half of your health and skin issues are because of less water. So never compromise on this nutrient.

Rule #5

Make sure you are not protein deficient. Understand how much you consume and what is your requirement with the help of a professional. Protein not only helps every cell in your body but also keeps you satiated so you do not feel hungry soon. Whey Protein health supplements are also a good way to boost your overall health, especially for your muscle gains.

Rule #6

Make sure you consume vegetables daily as these provide umpteen nutrients and have the added benefit of being low in calories and high in antioxidants. Add greens to your diet thrice a week at least.

Rule #7

Fruits are high in fiber and provide for refreshing fillers between meals. One serving or 100 g of a fruit daily will ensure that your digestive system functions smoothly and your skin shines brightly. So do not forget them!


Rule #8

Never eliminate foods or food groups because just because others are doing the same. There is no one diet that works for everyone. Identify what suits your body type and work around. Your diet should not be a one-night stand but a committed affair that you will hold on to forever.

Rule #9

Snacks are most people’s weakness. You do not need to buy foods that read “Diet” on them. Sometimes these are the unhealthiest varieties. So stock healthy snacks like mumra, roasted chana, makhana, roasted poha or oats chivda (without oil) or cream cracker in your house. When outside, you can have chana chaat, ragda, corn chaat, sprouts chaat and the like.


Rule #10

Just a little bit of walking before meals will go a long way in making you feel healthier. Try it yourself and see the change.


Rule #11

There will be not-so-good days but that does not mean that hell has broken lose. It is a part of the grind. it is important to realize that we should not let one day affect the many days of hard work.


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