Health Bars: Health in your Pocket

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Hectic work life can make it difficult for maintaining your exercise schedule. This makes it immensely demanding for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well.  With many people working from home, the stress levels are high and the availability to nutritious meals is limited. How many packets of chips or farsan or deep fried foods have you swallowed while you are on your zoom meeting call? For the exercise bit, you can walk while you talk, get some house work done or even spare dedicated few minutes to stretch your muscles but what about what goes inside your mouth? Are you taking sufficient protein to keep your immunity maintained? Are you really healthy?

Protein snack bars such as chocolate protein bars can help make life easy by providing a quick fix for your hunger and nutrition problems. In its earlier days, snack bars weren’t accepted and the Indian masses showed reluctance towards it. However, over the span of time people have gradually come to the acceptance of protein bars as a genuine source of nutrition. They have gained general acceptance the way nutritional supplements have.

Let us look at some of the benefits that snack protein bars have on our health:

       1.  Convenient source of nutrients

BodyFirst® MyCrunch is complete solution to balanced nutrition.  No food, travelling or quick snack? Whatever is your excuse to try this bar, you will be amazed at the taste even without a grain of added sugar. Too good to be true? Try it yourself and your hunger will bid you farewell due to its high fibre content, your taste buds and sweet cravings will surely thank you but most importantly you will be able to focus better as it has just the right amount of all your macronutrients.

       2.  Weight loss

A lot of people rightfully look at protein bars for the purpose of weight loss.

Based on some research, it has been understood that the protein rich diets support healthy weight loss to a farther extent than diets that has standard concentration of protein.

This is mainly attributed to the efficiency of protein rich diets to fulfil your stomach. This controls your appetite and reduces overeating altogether.

However, it is important to understand that you cannot rely solely on protein bars for weight loss. In addition to protein bars you also need to maintain an overall balanced diet and healthy lifestyle as all macronutrients are equally important for your body to function efficiently, which is why BodyFirst® MyCrunch should be your go to.

       3.  Meal replacement

My Crunch is one of the best health bars in India. This is because it provides good quality nutrition with excellent taste without any sugar in one bar. Very often nutritional bars are considered as a healthy replacement to meals, especially breakfast.

While you may choose nutrition bars to replace a meal if you are running short on time, make sure to have your meals as well. If you are using it to replace a meal, you can have two BodyFirst® MyCrunch bars as the calories per bar is 148.8 kcal only and it has been designed to serve as a snack to avoid mid-day food splurges.

       4.  Maintaining Muscle Mass

As compared to regular snacks that contain negligible protein and are high on carbohydrates and fats, BodyFirst® provides you with a health bar that has moderate protein and carbohydrates to fulfil your body’s requirements. This helps preventing muscle breakdown and also ensures that all your necessary organs receive protein and maintain their muscle mass.

You can order My Crunch today from our online shop and see the results as well as relish the taste yourself to know for real.


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