Foods That Help You Get A Better Sleep!

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The importance of good sleep is realized when you don’t get enough. Adequate sleep is a vital contributor to your good health and overall well-being. While infants or younger kids need enough sleep for their physical growth, adults require sufficient sleep to help them have a steady good health and a productive lifestyle.

Did you know that your sleep is not just affected by your routine or stress, but your eating habits also play an important role? The food you eat influences the release of neurotransmitters that control your sleep cycle.

Let’s have a read about some foods that would make best friends with your sleep!


It’s good to go nuts sometime! Researchers have found that walnut is a rich source of tryptophan, a sleep-amplifying amino acid. Tryptophan helps in making serotonin and melatonin, the hormones that set your sleep and wakeup cycle. Walnuts contain their own source melatonin, which might help you fall asleep better and faster.


Let’s go bananas! Banana is filled with vital minerals – potassium and magnesium. These minerals are a source of tryptophan which gets converted to serotonin and melatonin – sleep regulating hormones. They also help relax muscles and enhance blood circulation.

Whole Grains

Rice, jowar, bajra, wheat and corn are loaded with complex carbohydrates that increase the availability of tryptophan to the brain. So, go ahead and have that jowar chapati and call in for a good nights’ sleep.


Cherry Juice for a good sleep! Sounds so cool, doesn’t it? Cherries, specifically Tart Cherries are known to naturally boost melatonin level, making you fall sleep faster.

Chamomile Tea

Immersing yourself in a cup of soothing and stress-busting Chamomile helps you get a goodnights’ sleep. Research has found that drinking tea leads to an increase of glycine – a chemical relaxing your nerves and muscles.

These are some easy to source food to begin with. We will share some more such sleep-friendly food list in our upcoming blogs. Please feel free to share your recommendations, suggestions and opinions in our comments section.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy. And don’t forget to think about #YourBodyFirst!

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