5 Best Strength Training Exercises at Home

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Working out for most of the people out there mean heavy weight lifting, running endlessly on treadmills and stocking yourself with nutritional supplements. Well, in reality, there is definitely more to it. In this article we will discuss 5 of the most basic forms of strength exercises that will help you hone your overall physical fitness. Especially during this lockdown phase when gyms are closed, you can make the most of your body weight for strengthening your core muscles.

1. T – Press up

To make the best out of your workout, it is highly advised for you to have supplement that can help boost your efforts and at the same time delay soreness so that you do not get tired too soon. BodyFirst’s Pre workout which is regarded as the one of the most effective supplement in this department will work wonders for you. For a beginner, start with one sachet per day and you can progress to two sachets per day after two weeks once adjusted to the dose. However, if you have any clinical condition, consult your doctor before consumption. This will help you make the most out of your work out session.

T – Press Up is a variation to your standard push-up exercise. It helps you develop additional strength in your chest, shoulders, arms and core.

After 1 push up, you move your right arm vertically upwards in the left direction making a perfect T. Stay put for 5 seconds, move back to the original position. Followed by this, you push up again, this time follow the same routine with left arm.

This makes up one cycle. By doing 10 such cycles you will develop a strong core.

2. Alternate Shuffle Press up

Now, if you wish to push yourself a little further, you can try a variation to the regular Press Up. Alternate Shuffle Press up exercise will add a dimension of balance and stability to your regular push up. This will develop your core and strengthen it even better.

You can make use of a stability ball or an alternative object such as a steel curved bowl. This exercise will help you strengthen your wider range of chest muscles. For this exercise, you can follow the below steps:

  • Start with a press-up position, maintain a straight spine and tensed core throughout the movement.
  • Place the object at the centre and on either side, ensure the arms are the same distance apart and slightly wider than the shoulders.
  • Shuffle your feet swiftly and keep the body in line. Walk between the positions for an easier movement.

Club this workout with an Intra workout like BodyFirst® BCAA supplement and you will be able to witness a noticeable difference in your ability to increase your repetitions.

3. See Saw Plank

Planks have been regarded as one of the most effective exercises for strengthening your core muscles. We suggest a variation to the plank that will help you stress on a wide range of muscles across your body.

Following are the steps:

  • Keep your elbows under shoulders and legs extended with feet hip-width apart in the standard plank position
  • Then, slide your hands forward until your elbows are in line with your ears
  • All the while, keep your abs engaged and drag your body forward by pulling through your elbows, after this, shift your bodyweight back until elbows return to ear level
  • It is crucial to think about your back being the pulling force in this movement

Just like this exercise focuses on all your muscles, similarly, a supplement that will help you get your desired body bulk is BodyFirst® Creatine supplement. Apart from defining your muscle mass it also provides energy so that your performance can be a notch higher.

4. Squat Jumps

The lower body is immensely important when it comes to some of the biggest muscle groups we have. This training will help you stimulate intense calorie-burning.

This simple exercise will help you develop firm thighs and increases your heart rate to help you burn calories.

  • You start by keeping your feet hip-width apart, preferably slightly wider. This completely depends on what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Now, squat and make sure that your thighs are parallel with the floor. Basically, you must squat as low as you can without bending your lower back.
  • From the bottom of the squat stand, drive your feet off your floor with great force.
  • While doing so, lift your chest and keep your eyes pointing forwards
  • When you land, bend your knees so you can absorb the impact and begin your next rep straight away

Pair this session with BodyFirst® Glutamine protein and recover faster while also building your immunity.

5. Prone Pull

Prone pull involves pulling up without having to pull your entire body weight. This exercise is important to keep your important back muscles engaged until you go for your pull up bar.

  • Start up by laying down on your front and keep your arms over your head
  • After, lift your chest and arms a couple of inches from the floor
  • Following this, pull your elbows down towards your hips slowly so you can focus on pulling your shoulder blades back and down
  • While doing so, make sure you fully extend your elbows when returning your arms overhead

Combine any of the above exercises with a protein bar (BodyFirst® MyCrunch) or BodyFirst® Whey Protein Isolate (if you have protein digestion issues, this is your best bet) or BodyFirst® Plant Protein (if you are following the vegan way of life) and Multivitamins to meet your macro and micronutrient requirements. The right blend of exercise and supplementation will help you achieve your desired results.

So, work your way to that perfect physique by maintaining a fine balance between exercising and supplements consumption.

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