5 Benefits of Plant-Based Protein That You Didn’t Know About

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Plant based protein powder is a fine option if you’re seeking for a protein rich option in your daily diet. Well, in all honesty, plant protein supplements have been around for quite a while now but have become increasing popular in recent times with the vegan trend seeing a rise around the globe. Closer to home in India, plant proteins (combination of rice and dal or sattu) are actually components of a staple diet and even used as weaning foods for infants.

You may wonder if it is part of an Indian veg diet anyway, why then do you need a supplement? One cup of cooked pulses would give you around 7 g of protein whereas 1 tbsp of a pure plant based supplement provides you with double the amount of protein. This has two benefits, firstly, it helps meet your daily protein requirements that diet cannot fulfil and secondly as you are consuming lesser potion of a supplement, the overall calories consumed is also lesser, which is very useful for those trying to lose weight.  

Vegan Plant based Protein powder has a lot of supreme health benefits. Let us take a look at BodyFirst® Plant protein to understand how this supplement can benefit us.

       1. Allergen Free Supplement

BodyFirst® Plant Protein is allergen free. It is perfect for those who have gluten or lactose allergies. Most of the protein powders have gluten to make you feel fuller, but plant based protein, especially the one by BodyFirst® is completely gluten-free.

       2. Complete Protein

Most plant protein do not contain all the essential amino acids that your body cannot produce. This fact makes them incomplete proteins or low quality proteins. However, the right combination of ingredients help make it a complete protein. For example, soya protein is a complete protein. Pea protein is an incomplete protein as it lacks one essential amino acid; however, rice protein has exactly the protein component that is missing in pea and vice versa. This makes the combination of rice and pea protein complete protein, also called complimentary protein.

       3. Metabolism Booster

Regular consumption of plant-based protein from your diet can help you boost your metabolism.

Protein takes longer time to digest than carbs or fat. The process of digestion helps burn calories as energy is required by the body to enable the process to take place smoothly. That means that if protein takes longer to digest, it helps you stay full for longer and also makes your body do a workout and burn calories in the process of digestion.

       4. Rich With Vitamins and Minerals

It is a common fact that plant protein powder contributes extra vitamins and minerals to your diet. It basically boosts the nutritional quotient of your diet.

So, any protein powder that walks that extra mile and delivers more than just protein is a must have in any health expert’s book.

Yes, BodyFirst’s Plant-based protein powder has both the right amount of protein and micronutrients like iron, zinc and calcium. So, by merely including plant-based protein in your diet you can introduce a good amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet.

       5. Everyday protein for Anyone

As BodyFirst® Plant Protein is unflavoured, it can be added to any meal to increase the protein content. Also, unlike most protein supplements that are recommended for a particular age group, this product can be had by a child or adult or a patient in the required amount as it is equivalent to any atta in your kitchen, just that it has a better nutrient profile and protein content. It can be added to your roti, halva, dal or soups or practically any recipe you choose.

Add one tablespoon of goodness and health to all your meals for your entire family.


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