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BodyFirst® is part of BodyFirst® Wellness Nutrition Pvt. Ltd., a science based sports nutrition, personal health and wellness group. BodyFirst® products aim to provide health supplements of the highest quality and ONLY the ingredients which have a lot of studies done by research bodies. Not only are our products scientifically approved but they also have high quality standards that are maintained across batches as the Regulatory norms. [BodyFirst® E-Commerce License number: 10019022009712]

Our Manufacturing

Right from sourcing our scientifically studied ingredients to evaluating right dosing and getting the final product in a format that is user friendly, we have taken utmost care to maintain quality. We associate with the best toll manufacturers in the industry for the blending and packaging of our products. From the very beginning, BodyFirst® has always taken a hands-on approach to ensure that what we conceptualize is actually what our customer gets to ensure maximum benefits. For us, it is always your Body First.


Our Uncompromising Quality

BodyFirst® procurement professionals carefully select the most premium raw materials. A Certificate of Analysis is required for every ingredient, which is then tested and retested for compliance. Quality assurance performs inspections of the Good Manufacturing Practices FSSAI compliant facilities to ensure that the products manufactured everyday are consistent on the quality front.

Our Customer Satisfaction

BodyFirst® strict ingredients selection, quality control, lab testing and quality check processes are all done for one reason: to provide you with safe, qualified and clean health supplements. Our company was founded with a mission to provide right and complete nutrition to everyone with the vision of providing the same at affordable prices. We are the only company providing every detail of our raw material manufacturers on our website. We are transparent for your health. We at BodyFirst® will only provide our customers with supplements that we ourselves consume.


Our Innovation

Our products are a class apart from what you get in the market. We have studied the market for more than 2 years before launching our brand and have come up with products which will completely satisfy your overall health needs in terms of taste, hygiene and compliance to recommendations. We never want you to miss even one dose. Hence all our products will always be on travel sachets. We are also working on in even better forms for your utmost convenience.


Our Moto

We want everybody to be healthy without ripping out your entire month’s salary. We wish to bring health to your house with our diverse range of products. Along with health, we want to educate you to make informed and right choices. To facilitate this, our website contains information on the products in detail, the ingredients used in them and the test reports of our products.

As we grow, we wish to continue being an authentic brand and we bank on each one of you who has benefited from our products to spread the word. You can verify about our products by scanning the bar code on the smart consumer app. This is a government application that requires your product to be listed by them after ensuring all the necessary compliances.


Our Inspiration

Our products are inspired from the not so science based products in the market. Our founders, who are health enthusiasts, have been using products from the top international companies for years. Though they liked few products, they also saw the misguidance which was being exploited. There was no science in majority of the products. Consumers had no idea what they are buying. No idea the problems associated with inaccurate dosing. When it comes to supplements there is a big grey area because os unaware consumers and giant marketing companies that address commonly imbibed fears. We choose to be different in this rat race.

Another major issue they found was of dosage and delivery format. Let’s be honest, all brands have one thing in common – SCOOP SIZE. How many of you have failed to get that exact scoop? How many of you have had problems with lumps being formed in your jar? How many times you must have dropped a scoop outside?

We at BodyFirst® have created different packaging formats for different products to support the supplement’s shelf life, quality and also for ease of the consumer. For example, our proteins come in sachets that are accurately weighed and hence prevent the struggle of measuring in a scoop. Since it is designed for people who are active, sachets allow you to carry your nutrition with you. Similarly, our plant protein which is a kitchen product can be measured with the tablespoon in your house. Our MyCrunch bar is a pocket friendly evening snack no matter where you are! Hope you enjoy our product basket as much as we enjoyed creating them.

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